Quizzes | How Romantic Are You?

How Romantic Are You?

Think you're romantic? There's only one way to find out for sure -- spend a few minutes alone with this quiz. Turn down the lights, lean in a little closer to your computer, and pretend you're holding hands with your mouse. Now, darling, answer these questions:

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  • If you're pulling petals off a daisy and doing the "loves me, loves me not" thing, and the last petal left is a "loves me not" petal, you'll probably:

    • Feel a little stressed and pick another flower. I'm sure this one will get it right.
    • Sigh, but I'm not really going to let a petal predict my romantic future.
    • Go wash my hands. Flowers smell weird.
  • If you give someone a romantic nickname, it's most likely to be:

    • A descriptive one like "Brown Eyes."
    • A cutesy one like "Sugar Booger."
    • I don't do nicknames.
  • Have you ever written a love song or love poem?

    • I tried once, but it didn't come out so hot.
    • I've filled entire journals with that stuff.
    • Nah.
  • If you and your bf/gf have a bad break up, what will you do with all the photos of you two together?

    • Tuck them away in a folder on my computer or a box in my closet. Despite what happened, they matter to me.
    • Keep one or two; toss the rest.
    • I don't know if I even have any pictures of us together.
  • You've got the flu. You're sweaty, feverish, headachy, and you've been wearing nothing but pajamas for three days. You secretly hope:

    • That my bf/gf will answer my calls and texts so I don't feel lonely.
    • That my bf/gf understands why I'm not calling or texting. (I feel like crap.)
    • That my bf/gf will come over, make me soup, and tell me I'm cute even when I'm germy.
  • The person you're dating gives you a little plastic wind-up bumblebee and says, "This made me think of you!" You'll:

    • Give it a name and carry it around in my bag.
    • Put it on the shelf where I keep random things like that.
    • Give it to the next little kid I see. A plastic bee is the last thing I need right now.
  • Do you like the idea of having a song that's "your song" with someone you're dating? As in, "Aww... they're playing our song!"

    • Yes, and once a song has been "our song" I would NEVER reassign it to a new bf/gf.
    • No. That would only make sense if we recorded a song ourselves.
    • It's kinda cheesy, but honestly? I wouldn't object if my bf/gf suggested one.
  • What do you think is the biggest myth about love?

    • That it's hard to find. Love is everywhere.
    • That people in relationships are happier than single people. Everyone has problems.
    • How long do you have? Let's start with "love at first sight" (omg, please), "love conquers all" (gag, gag), "love is all you need" (until you get hungry or cold)... I can list a million of these.
  • You're in the middle of a special dinner out with your bf/gf when the waiter sets a candle on the table. You'll probably think:

    • I better not set my sleeve on fire when I reach for the salt.
    • Wow...this lighting really brings out my date's eyes. Can't. Stop. Staring.
    • This night could not possibly be more perfect... unless we see a shooting star on the way home.