Quizzes | How Scary Are You?

How Scary Are You?

Are you strange, menacing, and creepy -- or none of the above? Fear not, quiz-taker! You're about to find out.

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  • If you arrive at someone's door and don't see a doorbell, you'll:

    • Knock timidly
    • Call their phone and say "I'm right outside."
    • Pound on the door as hard as I can
  • What's on the floor of your room right now?

    • Only stuff that belongs there
    • A few random things, like a pair of shoes or a hoodie
    • A giant mass of stuff. (I'm starting to forget what the floor even looks like.)
  • You'll scream the loudest at:

    • A playoff game or rock show
    • A surprise party (just as my friend opens the door)
    • Someone who just spilled water all over my bag
  • Yeah, it's rude to stare, but you just can't resist staring at:

    • Someone I like
    • Someone who really bugs me
    • Baby kittens
  • "Grrrrrrr...." If a low, growly sound comes out of your mouth, this could be the reason:

    • I wish I weren't awake right now.
    • I'm angry at the entire world.
    • I'm pretending to be a monster.
  • If you put on an entirely black outfit, it's probably because:

    • It's the first thing I found this morning.
    • All my favorite clothes are dirty.
    • I want to blend into the darkness. It makes it easier to sneak around.
  • How does your hair look on an average day?

    • Depends. Some days, it's fine; some days, it's annoying.
    • It's a wild, unruly mane.
    • Hairy. LOL.
  • The last time you followed someone, what was the reason?

    • I wanted to see where they were going.
    • I was hoping for a moment alone with them.
    • I wasn't sure where to go, and they said "Follow me!"
  • When you walk into a dimly lit room, you:

    • Hit the light switch right away.
    • Turn a light on -- unless I'm watching TV or a movie.
    • Feel comfortable. Most places are way too bright.