Quizzes | How Strong is Your Willpower?

How Strong is Your Willpower?

How willful is your will? If something doesn't come easily to you, does that make you want to give up or try harder? Can you stick with something over the long haul if you know it'll be worth it? Test your willpower here.

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  • You've developed a taste for fancy coffee drinks, and you're buying them almost every day. (If you're not a coffee person, swap in another beverage or snack.) Today you found a bunch of receipts in your bag, and realized that you've been spending A LOT of money at the coffee place. You'll

    • Stop buying them. I've got better ways to spend my cash.
    • Cut back to once a week (at least for a while).
    • Stop looking at the receipts.
  • You make a deal with yourself -- if you clean your entire room (including the closet), you'll treat yourself to a new DVD. You're about 3/4 of the way through when a friend calls and asks if you want to go shopping. You say:

    • "Yes!" That sounds much more fun than cleaning, and I deserve the DVD just for making an effort.
    • "Yes." But I won't buy the DVD today, since I still have cleaning to do.
    • "Can you wait another hour or so? I want to finish cleaning."
  • Your friend Rob has confided in you that he thinks Emily is the raddest girl in the world. He made you swear up and down and up again that you wouldn't tell a soul. One day, you and Emily are chatting, and she says in a sad voice, "I wish someone liked me." You're most likely to say:

    • "I know something you don't know, I know something you don't know. But I'm not telling."
    • "Actually, Rob does! But please don't tell him that I told you."
    • "I'm sure someone out there does."
  • You're at the mall with $20 in your pocket. You don't want to spend any of it because you're saving up for a new video game system. But now you see that T-shirt you've been wanting, the one that's sold out everywhere else. Do you buy it?

    • No. I have to save my money.
    • I'll probably stand there and stare at it for an hour, because I can't decide.
    • Well... what difference will $20 make? It's taking forever to save enough. I'll take the T-shirt.
  • You're trying out for a sports team, and the coach tells you that you absolutely must do a half hour of difficult exercises every day if you want to make the team... which means you have to get up a half hour earlier every morning. You've been keeping up with it for a few days, but last night you got to bed late. The alarm is going off. What do you do?

    • Hit the snooze button, but just once. Then I'll drag myself out and do at least part of the exercises.
    • Hit the snooze button repeatedly, until I've missed my chance. Oh well.
    • Reset the alarm for a half hour later. One day won't make a difference.
    • Get out of bed. I'll do what it takes to make the team. And next time I'll get to bed on time.
  • The guy/girl you like, though adorable, is not-so-smart sometimes and has left his/her email account open on the library computer. Will you read his/her mail?

    • No! Evil evil evil! I'd shut the window down right away.
    • Soooo tempting. But no. Well... maybe. No, definitely no.
    • I gotta admit, I'd probably read the subject lines but I wouldn't open any messages.
    • I'd read every blessed thing in there.
  • It's Wednesday, and you have a whole lot of reading to do by Friday for class. You've scheduled it out so that you can do just enough reading each night that you won't go crazy, but will still finish on time. But tonight, all you want to do is veg out and watch TV. What are you most likely to do?

    • Finish my reading. If I don't do it tonight, I'll have too much to do tomorrow, and I might not finish.
    • Do most of my reading, but give myself a break to watch one half-hour show. I'll make up the rest tomorrow night.
    • Dude, forget the reading. I'm going to watch TV.
  • You're bored with your job, so you apply at a few other places, but nobody calls. What's most likely to happen next?

    • I'll take a break from the job hunt. This one's not perfect, but at least I'm getting a paycheck.
    • I'll mention to a few people that I'm looking for a new job. Maybe someone can hook me up.
    • I'll spend time every day searching for a job and following up on my previous applications, until something works out.
  • Could you eat just one potato chip out of a full bag?

    • Sure.
    • I could try, but I don't think so.
    • No, but I could eat just one bag.