Quizzes | How Strong is Your Willpower?

How Strong is Your Willpower?

Test your willpower here and don't forget to tune in to the TeenNick premiere of The Mighty Ducks, Saturday, January 23rd at 2pm!

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  • You make a deal with yourself -- if you run sprints before school, you'll treat yourself to pancakes. When your alarm goes off, you:

    • Turn it off and mumble, "This is just not happening today. Maybe tomorrow."
    • Hit the snooze button a few times and wake up with enough time to do half of the workout.
    • Fight the urge and get out of bed. You want those pancakes.
  • You're at the mall with $20 in your pocket. You don't want to spend any of it because you're saving up for new expensive cleats. But now you see that T-shirt you've been wanting... the one that's sold out everywhere else. Do you buy it?

    • No. I have to save my money.
    • I'll probably stand there and stare at it for an hour, because I can't decide.
    • Well... what difference will $20 make? It's taking forever to save enough. I'll take the T-shirt.
  • Your friend Rob has confided in you that he thinks Emily is the raddest girl in the world. He made you swear up and down and up again that you wouldn't tell a soul. One day, you and Emily are chatting, and she says in a sad voice, "I wish someone liked me." You're most likely to say:

    • "I know something you don't know, I know something you don't know. But I'm not telling."
    • "Actually, Rob does! But please don't tell him that I told you."
    • "I'm sure someone out there does."
  • You're trying out for varsity, and the coach tells you that you have to do a half hour of conditioning every day after school if you want to make the team... You've kept up with it for a few days, but today your friend texts you to see if you want to go shopping after school. What do you say?

    • "Let's go! As long as I'm back in time to do my conditioning later."
    • "I'm in!" A few days is good enough.
    • "Can we rain-check? Gotta run some suicides."
  • One of your friends plays for a rival school. He/she left her email logged in on your laptop, and you have access to the team's playbook. Do you read it?

    • No way. That's basically cheating. I'd shut the window down right away.
    • Soooo tempting. But no. Well... maybe. No, definitely no.
    • I gotta admit, I'd probably read the first page or two before feeling guilty.
    • I'd read every blessed thing in there.
  • It's Wednesday, and you have a huge game on Friday. You promised yourself no sweets until after the game, but tonight, all you want to do is veg out and watch TV. What are you most likely to do?

    • Resist the craving and have some fruit instead. Natural sugars!
    • Eat a small piece of dark chocolate -- it's the ~healthy~ option.
    • Say to yourself, "Um, it's just a game and a little pie won't hurt."
  • You want to get some tips from the star player at your school, but she is a really popular senior and super intimidating. You sent her a Facebook message, but no response. What's most likely to happen next?

    • I'll let it sit for a while. The last thing I wanna be is annoying.
    • I'll mention it to a few of my friends, hoping word gets back to her.
    • I'll go up to her locker and just ask in person. Maybe she doesn't check her Facebook messages.
  • Could you eat just one potato chip out of a full bag?

    • Sure.
    • I could try, but I don't think so.
    • No, but I could eat just one bag.