Quizzes | Is Your Crush Bad for You?

Is Your Crush Bad for You?

Are you crushing on someone who'll mess with your head -- and your heart? Take this quiz.

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  • What's the flirt situation with your crush?

    • My crush is so friendly, it's hard to tell when they're flirting.
    • We're both pretty flirty. Even little bits of eye contact are hot.
    • My crush only flirts when nobody else is around.
    • My crush doesn't flirt with me.
  • If you mention your crush in conversation, your friends say stuff like:

    • "Why don't you talk to [Crush-name] then!"
    • "Invite [Crush-name] to hang out with us sometime!"
    • "[Crush-name] seems a little weird."
    • "I don't get it. [Crush-name] is so obnoxious."
  • If your crush looks at you -- really looks at you -- how do you feel?

    • Unworthy and afraid they're going to notice my flaws.
    • A little nervous, but good.
    • Like looking back. Hee hee, now it's a staring contest!
    • I. Wish.
  • Ever seen your crush completely freak out about something?

    • Nah, they're pretty chill.
    • Maybe once, and they had a good reason.
    • Yeah, they've definitely got a temper.
    • I wouldn't really know.
  • You overhear your crush making fun of your favorite TV show. You:

    • Melt at the sound of my crush's voice. *Sigh*
    • Think, "I bet I could change his/her mind."
    • Decide never to mention that I'm a fan.
    • Realize my crush has a point. It is kinda lame.
  • Ever heard your crush say something mean?

    • Yeah, and it was kinda harsh.
    • Well... it was more funny than mean.
    • I haven't really gotten close enough to know.
    • No.
  • Does your crush go hot and cold on you?

    • Total mixed signals -- it's like flirt-ignore-flirt-ignore.
    • It's hard to say if the signals are mixed. My crush is hard to read.
    • Actually... things are pretty hot. I haven't felt any cold.
    • Nope, strictly cold. They're not into me.