Quizzes | Is Your Friend Possessed?

Is Your Friend Possessed?

Ever wonder if an evil spirit is hiding out in your friend's body? Stop wondering and take this quiz! It'll check for signs of demonic activity.

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  • While you've been friends with this person, has anything strange happened to you?

    • Something just hasn't felt right.
    • My friend keeps saying random things -- but that might be a coincidence.
    • It's hard to tell. Weird things are always happening in my life.
    • Not that I can think of.
  • Have you felt any unusual urges around this person?

    • Not really.
    • I've been in a weird mood, but it might not mean anything.
    • Yes. Stuff that's WAY too crazy to tell a quiz.
  • Have you ever tried to end this friendship?

    • I tried, but that made things even weirder.
    • No, but I might... if I thought it would work.
    • No. Things aren't that weird between us.
  • If this person sleeps over, do you ever have trouble sleeping or get weird headaches?

    • Yes, and that's unusual for me.
    • Yes, but that kind of thing happens to me a lot.
    • Yes, because my friend is a total insomniac. It keeps me up.
    • No. I sleep like a baby, and my head feels great.
    • He/she has never slept over.
  • When this person is around, have you heard any unusual sounds?

    • Nah, just the usual stuff.
    • Maybe. My life is pretty noisy, so it's hard to tell.
    • Yes. Weird scratchy or growly noises that don't sound human.
  • Does your friend ever talk to himself/herself?

    • Oh, yes. My friend can have entire conversations (even angry fights!) without anyone else around.
    • A little. I've heard him/her muttering in a strange, low voice.
    • Not that I've noticed.
  • Have you ever seen your friend near a mirror? How did they act?

    • They fixed their hair a little. That's it.
    • It was bizarre, and a little scary. It's hard to explain.
    • Now that you mention it... I've never seen them near a mirror. Huh.
  • How do other people act around your friend?

    • Pretty normal.
    • They get really quiet.
    • They seem scared, even if they're meeting my friend for the first time.
  • When you're alone, do you ever have the feeling you're not REALLY alone?

    • Yes. I feel like there's another presence in the house -- even when nobody's here.
    • Sometimes.
    • Only if I'm texting a friend or chatting with someone online.