Quizzes | Is Your Life a Musical?

Is Your Life a Musical?

Feeling hopeful, high-energy, and full of hummable harmonies? Don't freak, but your life MIGHT be part of a musical theater production. Take this quiz to find out -- and maybe do a few vocal warm ups just in case.

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  • If you could put any kiss in your day, you'd pick one like this:

    • A surprise kiss, when I least expect it
    • A sweet first kiss
    • A daring, forbidden kiss
    • A stolen kiss, during a brief moment when we're alone
  • If you could click your heels together and transport yourself to any location, you might pick:

    • A grassy field
    • My room
    • A dingy club
    • A county fair
  • When was the last time you danced?

    • I danced over to my computer to take this quiz.
    • I was kind of jumping around earlier to a band I like.
    • A few days ago, maybe.
    • I can't remember. Not recently.
  • If you have something important to say, you'll usually:

    • Shout it. Loud.
    • Say it clearly, so I won't be misheard.
    • Wait for the right moment.
    • Text it.
  • If your current romantic situation had a theme song, it might be:

    • A song they've been playing on the radio a lot
    • A ballad with a few super-high notes
    • Kinda punk-rock with lyrics about frustration
    • *crickets chirping*
  • You and your best friend just had it out. Major shout fest. What's next?

    • I don't know, but we both need time to cool off.
    • I'll probably spend some time alone, thinking out loud. Possibly to music.
    • There could be slamming doors or loud music involved.
    • I'm putting my headphones on and getting under the covers.
  • If an attractive newcomer enters your life today, you'll probably:

    • Do my absolute best to make that person feel welcome.
    • Ask around about him/her before I say anything.
    • Be like "Hey, what's your deal?"
    • Say hi, then go back to doing my own thing.
  • How well do you get along with the general public?

    • Most of the time, I'd rather not talk to them.
    • OK, I guess. Every once in a while, I bond with someone.
    • Some people are great; others make me want to scream.
    • We're like one big, happy family. My town is so special.