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Are you a monsterista?

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  • Who doesn't want to sink their fangs into a juicy burger? There is one scary-cute ghoul who won't.

    • Frankie
    • Draculaura
    • Cleo
    • Ghoulia
  • Frankie's stitches come loose at the worst moments, but when something voltage happens she...

    • Sparks at the bolts
    • Loses her head
    • Lets out a bone chilling scream
    • Laughs uncontrollably
  • Cleo may be Queen of Monster High but there is one royally embarrassing thing she keeps under wraps.

    • She bites her nails
    • She's afraid of tombs
    • She sleeps with a night light
    • She's scared of snakes
  • Splash around in Lagoona's locker and you're likely to find a bottle of what?

    • Chlorine Fighting Shampoo
    • Salt Water Taffy Mix
    • Seaweed Eye Cream
    • Monsturizer
  • His fiery personality makes him the life of the party... and sometimes the end of the party. Which student body brings the heat?

    • Deuce
    • Hyde
    • Clawd
    • Heath
  • This furrroscious ghoul has grown to love her thick mane, it's a fierce look she totally owns.

    • Draculaura
    • Lagoona
    • Ghoulia
    • Clawdeen
  • She's smart and has geek chic style but most normies need a zombie translator to UHHHn-derstand her.

    • Ghoulia
    • Frankie
    • Cleo
    • Clawdeen
  • Deuce totally rocks but his stone-cold looks will stop you dead in your tracks. Thank goth for...

    • His pet rat
    • His shades
    • His snake hair
    • His reptilian scales