Quizzes | Nick Quiz: What Should You Be For Halloween?

Nick Quiz: What Should You Be For Halloween?

You've got your plastic pumpkin treat bucket and your battery powered flashlight. But there's still one thing you need before you take to the town on a haunted hunt for sugary snacks. A costume! And who better to inspire your fright night ensemble than your fave Nickelodeon stars? Take this quiz now and find out which character's costume you should sport this Halloween.

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  • The best part of Halloween night is...

    • Fighting off Halloween mischief makers
    • Watching my favorite scary webisode
    • Dressing up!
    • Going trick or treating with my best friend
  • You want your costume to be...

    • Scary
    • Funny
    • Glamorous
    • Epic
  • What's your favorite Halloween candy?

    • Sour candy. They pack a lotta punch!
    • Gummies. As long as they're not in bear form and glued onto a lamp...I've learned it's a fire hazard.
    • Lollipops. They're sweet and they can double as a microphone.
    • I don't really like candy. I'd rather eat a taco.
  • Last year, you dressed as...

    • A super hero
    • A Gibby
    • A pop star
    • An octopus
  • What shapes are you carving into your Jack-o-lantern this year?

    • A ninja warrior
    • A giant ham
    • A star
    • A big smile
  • Who would be your haunted sidekick?

    • Hallow-gramps
    • Franken-spencer
    • A Black "Cat"
    • The Sand Man
  • If you were confronted by a walking zombie, you'd...

    • Fight him off!
    • Run away screaming!
    • Challenge him to a dance off
    • Ask him to be friends
  • What's scarier?

    • Evil DJs
    • Mrs. Benson
    • Zombies
    • Sharks
  • If you judged a costume contest, which would win?

    • The scariest costume
    • The funniest costume
    • The most creative costume
    • The coolest costume
  • Trick or treat?

    • Trick
    • Treat
    • Trick and treat!
    • I can't decide!