Quizzes | The "Are You Over Him/Her?" Quiz

The "Are You Over Him/Her?" Quiz

So it's officially over... but are YOU officially over it? There's only one way to tell... OK, there are several ways to tell, but this personality quiz is one of them.

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  • Hey, the phone's ringing!

    • Um, someone should probably answer it, I guess?
    • OMG, OMG, maybe it's him/her!
    • I hope it IS him/her, so I can pick up and hang up and be all "SO THERE!"
    • Why bother answering when it's probably not him/her? Boo hoo hoo. BOOO hooo hoo hoo hoo. A-hoo. Sniff.
  • Uh oh. You're walking toward the cafeteria line and notice You Know Who at the end of the line. You:

    • book it over there so I can be right behind him/her in line. Quick, help me think of something funny and charming to say about mac and cheese!
    • hide until there's a buffer of 4-6 people behind him/her and it's safe to get in line.
    • get in line, just like a regular person.
    • quickly craft a "kick me" sign to affix to his/her back.
  • You're talking to some girls/guys you barely know, and one of them comments on the hotness of You Know Who. You:

    • let this person know all about the break-up, the aftermath, the time he/she completely flaked on me, and by the way, he/she has toenail fungus. Just fyi.
    • say, "he/she is single, you know... go for it."
    • burst into tears.
    • keep quiet.
  • Wait, didn't you leave a pair of socks at his/her house? But you have plenty of socks, though, right?

    • NO! I NEED THOSE SOCKS! I should call. Or no, I should just stop by. Wait, I should stop by Wednesday, after my hair appointment.
    • I wish he/she had left socks at my house, so I could turn them into a sock monkey and cuddle with it at night.
    • I wish he/she had left socks at my house, so I could turn them into a voodoo doll and make him/her go bald.
    • Yeah, I'm doing OK on socks, thanks.
  • Aww, they're playing "If I Ain't Got You" on the radio, that Alicia Keys song. Wasn't that your guyses' song?

    • Yeah. That song is so good. Dang it, he/she's got my CD; I'll have to buy a new one.
    • Yeah. I wonder if he/she is listening right now, too...
    • Yeah, and now I ain't got him/her... turn it off. Turn it off now.
    • That WAS our song, but nowadays it's more "Head Like a Hole" by Nine Inch Nails.
  • It's You Know Who's birthday today, isn't it?

    • Is it? I should say Happy Birthday!
    • Yes. And if we were still together, I would have totally gotten him/her that cell phone case he/she wanted. TOO BAD FOR HIM/HER.
    • Yes. You know, he/she loves chocolate cake. Maybe I should bake one for him/her!
    • Yes. I want to say something, but I can't. It's too depressing.
  • Hey! Do you wanna prank call You Know Who?

    • Uh, no.
    • OK, just a quick prank. A flirty one.
    • OK, just a quick prank. A mean one.
    • Yeah, a call and hang-up sounds good. Sometimes I just want to hear his/her voice.
  • So listen. I heard a rumor that You Know Who is going to ask Pat to the winter formal. Are you OK?

    • Yeah, it's fine.
    • Ouch. Ouch ouch ouch. I'm OK, but I mean, OUCH.
    • I'm wonderful. Couldn't be happier. Because I am going to ask JAMIE to the winter formal, and we are going to look sooooo good together and he/she is going to get soooo jealous.
    • Of course he/she asked Pat. Pat is so much hotter than I am. I guess I'll skip the winter formal.
  • Hey look! A cute new cutie is complimenting you on your vintage Clash T-shirt. How's it make you feel?

    • Like giving the cute new cutie my number and hopefully, eventually, frenching said cutie.
    • Like hopefully, eventually, frenching said cutie directly in front of You Know Who, for effect.
    • Good, I guess. I can't get psyched about cute new cuties right now though. My heart's not in it.
    • Once, I put a Clash song on a mix CD I made for my sweet, tender love. Sigh.