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The Host: Who's Your Soulmate?

Which character from THE HOST is your perfect match -- Jared or Ian? Take the quiz!

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  • If you're totally freaked out about a presentation you're giving in class tomorrow, how will you calm yourself down?

    • Look over my notes until I'm sure I'll remember every detail -- even if I'm nervous.
    • Do a practice version of the presentation for my best friend.
    • Make up a little song or rhyme to help me remember the key points.
    • Take a few deep breaths and try to visualize it going well.
  • If you got so close to someone that he could guess what you're thinking at any given moment, you'd feel:

    • Thrilled that we have such a deep connection.
    • A little weirded out.
  • If the government announced tomorrow that an intelligent alien life form had made contact with us, you'd feel:

    • Excited and curious. I want to know what they're like.
    • Kind of paranoid... even if they claim to be peaceful.
  • When you first meet someone, which is a bigger turn-off?

    • If a guy is too naïve and trusting. If somebody seems overly nice, I get suspicious.
    • If a guy is too sarcastic and bitter. I'd rather spend time with optimistic people.
  • The first time you kiss someone new, you want it to be:

    • All kinds of hot and intense.
    • Slow and gentle. We'll have plenty of time for intensity later.
  • If you left your phone at a guy's house and realized later that he read your texts, you'd feel:

    • Like it's not a huge deal. My life is an open book.
    • Horrified. That's such an invasion of privacy.
  • If a guy is attracted to you, he should:

    • Flirt with me right away. I want to know!
    • Get to know me a little before he makes a move. (If it's just a physical attraction, I'm not interested.)
  • If you and your guy had the chance to spend the summer in a place described as "quiet and peaceful," would you want to go?

    • Yeah! A stress-free summer with someone I love sounds perfect.
    • Maybe. It sounds a bit boring, but at least we'd have each other.
  • Random question: What do you like best about caves?

    • They're cool, dark, and mysterious.
    • They're beautiful, natural formations created by tiny drops of water over millions of years.
  • When do you typically realize you have a crush on someone?

    • When I touch them and I can feel the electricity between us.
    • When we're making eye contact, and I feel a rush of emotion.