Quizzes | What Age Are You Really?

What Age Are You Really?

Forget what your birth certificate says. What age are you on the inside? Take this quiz.

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  • You're most likely to say "Yes" if a friend suggests hanging out:

    • In his/her basement.
    • At a playground.
    • At the mall.
    • At a diner.
    • At a French restaurant.
    • At a coffee house.
  • What's your favorite item of clothing?

    • Whatever's clean (or clean enough to wear).
    • Whatever's comfiest.
    • A handmade sweater.
    • Hoodies are good.
    • Something attention-grabbing.
    • N/A. Clothes are boring.
  • People your age face lots of challenges. What's something you've had a tough time with lately?

    • Finding a job.
    • Figuring out what I want to do in the next few years.
    • Staying in shape.
    • Remembering the words to the pledge of allegiance.
    • Deciding who my best friend is.
    • Finding my keys.
  • What do you like best about driving?

    • When there's no traffic.
    • Taking it slow. I'm not in any rush.
    • Carpooling with my friends.
    • Road trips.
    • Playing the alphabet game. "I see an A!"
    • Just being behind the wheel!
  • Do you need a nap?

    • That sounds lovely. Where's my afghan?
    • Yeah. Wake me up when it's time for dinner.
    • Not usually. I only need one if I stayed out really late the night before.
    • I never take them on purpose, but sometimes I fall asleep in front of the TV.
    • Nah. Naps are boring.
    • No! I'm not tired!!
  • Do you ever lie about your age?

    • No way. I'm proud of it.
    • No, but I like when people assume I'm younger.
    • Only if something on the kids' menu sounds really tasty.
    • I used to, but now I think that's lame.
    • Yeah. I sometimes pretend I'm older.
    • If I do, I won't admit it.
  • Food tastes best when it's:

    • Smothered in spray cheese.
    • Sprinkled with gummy bears.
    • Sprinkled with raisins.
    • Served in an individual snack-pack.
    • Cooked on the grill.
    • Bought with a prepaid card.