Quizzes | What Do People Like About You?

What Do People Like About You?

What IS it about you? To find out what makes you so likable, take this quiz.

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  • If you're talking to a friend about someone you like, you might say:

    • I just tried to talk to [person I like], but I got so nervous that nothing came out of my mouth.
    • I have such a good feeling about [person I like].
    • Hey, what do you think would happen if I ran up and kissed [person I like]?
    • [Person I like] is different from everyone I've ever met.
    • Is it just me, or does [my nickname for the person I like] have the cutest earlobes in the entire world?
  • You know far more than the average person about:

    • The background characters in my favorite movie.
    • The background characters in my favorite cartoon.
    • How various famous people got their big break. Everybody has a story.
    • Pop culture in general.
    • The craziest person in my town (we're sort of friends).
  • You're a tiny bit embarrassed about how much you like:

    • Picking out random gifts for people.
    • Making faces at strangers' babies. I just can't help it.
    • Making to-do lists (for today, this year, and sometime before I die).
    • This totally cheesy pop band. BUT I have a very well-thought-out list of reasons why they're geniuses.
    • Nothing. Why should I be embarrassed about what I like?
  • If a friend is having a really bad day, and calls you to talk about it, you'll:

    • Really listen, and if he/she wants help, I'll offer my most heartfelt advice.
    • Invite him/her over for a video game battle. Instant distraction.
    • Offer to lend him/her a mind-blowing DVD I watched recently.
    • Suggest that we go out. Sitting around moping doesn't fix anything.
    • Have a new mission in life -- getting my friend to laugh.
  • Pick someone you'd like to hug:

    • The president.
    • Someone who's visiting my town and barely speaks English.
    • Someone who really needs a hug right now.
    • A fuzzy-costumed sports mascot.
    • A total stranger. Surprise hug!
  • You'd be most proud of yourself if you:

    • Worked up the nerve to do something that REALLY scares me.
    • Convinced someone who's afraid of heights to go on the world's tallest rollercoaster.
    • Sent around a link that became an instant hit with all my friends.
    • Posted a dorky video of myself online and became an Internet celebrity.
    • Attended a red-carpet event without tripping on anything.
  • You'd rather have a thousand...

    • New mp3s on my computer.
    • Empty journals. I know I'll fill them all.
    • Pairs of socks -- every color and length imaginable.
    • Friends, competing against each other in a fierce, feathery pillow fight.
    • Bouncy balls. I don't know what I'll do with them, but the possibilities are endless.