Quizzes | What's on Your HALO Playlist?

What's on Your HALO Playlist?

What kind of music motivates you to Help And Lead Others? Take this quiz!

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  • This is a lot more fun when there's music playing:

    • Getting ready to go in the morning.
    • Cleaning my room.
    • Riding in the car.
    • Running.
    • Every waking moment (and some sleepy ones, too).
  • If an inspiring song comes on the radio, you might:

    • Hit the "up" volume button a bunch of times.
    • Dance (or at the very least, tap my fingers to the beat).
    • Belt it out, trying to hit every high note.
    • Sing along without caring if I hit the right notes.
    • Remind myself to check out that artist's earlier stuff.
  • Aside from music, what inspires you to take action?

    • Thinking about my goals. I'll do whatever it takes to get where I want to be.
    • Reading a book (or watching a movie) with a strong message.
    • Rallies, marches, debates... Anytime people speak out about things that matter to them.
    • Knowing that I'm only one person, but I can make a difference in thousands (or even millions) of lives.
    • Seeing other people working really hard at something. It makes me want to pitch in.
  • You'd probably cheer loudest as:

    • A friend or family member receives their diploma at graduation.
    • A friend takes a bow after performing a solo.
    • My favorite local band wins a battle-of-the-bands competition.
    • Someone I love crosses the finish line of a marathon.
    • I'd cheer loudly for all of these people!
  • If you volunteered with little kids, you'd encourage them to:

    • Let go of their shyness and have some fun.
    • Express their opinions.
    • Reach out to me if they ever need to talk.
    • Find their own interests, instead of following the crowd.
    • Dream big. Really big.
  • Your favorite musical experiences tend to involve:

    • A huge crowd that's all riled up.
    • Feeling like I might cry (in a good way).
    • A small group of my favorite people.
    • A dance partner.
    • Headphones, so I can hear every detail of every song.
  • You get the most accomplished when you feel:

    • Well-rested and well-fed. All powered up.
    • A personal connection to the cause. I work extra-hard for things that matter to me.
    • Self-confident and optimistic. That's when I believe anything is possible.
    • Like an essential part of the team. My help (and my ideas) matter.
    • Competitive. I love that drive to be #1.