Quizzes | What's Your Big Time Rush Summer Song?

What's Your Big Time Rush Summer Song?

Which Big Time Rush song is on your summer soundtrack? Take this quiz to get matched up with a song that's as sweet, hot, and romantic as your next few months.

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  • What's your favorite way to listen to music in the summer?

    • At a crowded outdoor party
    • In a car with someone special
    • At work -- it makes the day go faster
    • Pushed up against the stage at a rock show
    • I want to hear it in ALL of these ways!
  • If you could spend a whole day with Big Time Rush, your #1 priority would be:

    • Visiting a water park with them (VIP access!)
    • Getting to know them as real people, not stars
    • Asking them for help breaking into the biz
    • Taking photos and videos, so I'll remember it forever
    • Kissing at least one of them on the lips
  • Warm summer nights are perfect for:

    • Warm summer kisses
    • Holding someone's hand as I stare up at the stars
    • Beach bonfires with friends
    • Playing hard (after working hard all day)
    • Acting in a play in the park
  • This summer, you'd like to:

    • Meet a bunch of new people (preferably people with connections)
    • Perfect my flirting skills
    • Find someone who gets me, 100%
    • Make money. I need a job. NOW.
    • Get really good at lazing around
  • The best summer songs are the ones that make you feel:

    • Like I'm capable of anything I put my mind to
    • Like this summer will be my best one yet
    • Like next year, it could be ME on the radio
    • Like taking a chance on someone new
    • Like this summer will last forever
  • Aside from the guys in the band, who's your favorite Big Time Rush character?

    • Why can't I pick one of the guys? I want to!
    • Katie. She's the cutest evil genius ever.
    • Camille. She's so Hollywood, in a hilarious way.
    • Kelly (Gustavo's assistant). She's just so nice.
    • That crazy little dog that lives at the Palm Woods
  • How daring are you feeling this summer?

    • Daring enough to give a cute new friend my #
    • Daring enough to feel ultra-confident in an interview
    • Daring enough to audition for something huge
    • Daring enough to bungee jump off a bridge
    • Daring enough to tell my crush how I feel
  • Choose one shiny or sparkly thing you'd like to have around this summer:

    • A swimming pool -- or some big ocean waves
    • A glossy dance floor
    • The brand spankin' new thing I'm saving up for
    • A high-res digital camera, snapping pics of me
    • My crush's eyes, hair, smile... (Don't make me choose)