Quizzes | What's Your Giving Style?

What's Your Giving Style?

Everyone has a generous, compassionate side. What's yours like? Take the quiz!

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  • How does it make you feel to do good deeds anonymously?

    • Awesome! I feel like a superhero with a secret identity.
    • Really good…but sometimes I still want to get a little credit, like volunteer hours for school.
    • c.It's a nice gesture, but I'd rather speak up and get as many people involved as I can.
  • If someone from a local paper wanted to interview you about your volunteer work, you would probably:

    • Say something simple but truthful, like, "Everyone should volunteer and help the community."
    • Talk to the person about why *this* cause matters so much to me. It's important to get the word out.
    • Feel awkward and overwhelmed. I'm more than happy to volunteer, but the idea of being interviewed about it makes me really nervous.
  • Imagine that One Direction is doing a benefit concert for your favorite charity! How would you want to help out?

    • I would do anything to get on stage and talk about my cause.
    • I'd love to walk through the crowd, interacting with people and handing out stickers and info about the organization.
    • I would do whatever they need, but I'd prefer to stay behind the scenes.
  • When you find an issue you care about, you're most likely to:

    • Bring it up in conversation with my friends or classmates.
    • Post a link about it on Facebook. People can take a look if they're interested.
    • Post about it on Facebook and Twitter, text and email the link, and talk about it as much as I can.
  • You'd love to spend more time:

    • Relaxing in my room.
    • Hanging out with friends and family.
    • In the spotlight.
  • If you were rich and famous, how would you help others?

    • I would donate money to organizations that fight hunger and poverty.
    • I'd clean out my closet and donate tons of clothes to be auctioned off for charity.
    • I'd become a spokesperson for my favorite causes and works towards being a well-known advocate for good.
  • How do you incorporate HALOing into your everyday life?

    • Lend (or give away) books and movies after I've finished them.
    • I like to randomly remind people about all of the great things they have to offer.
    • I write anonymous notes letting people know all of the great qualities they have.