Quizzes | What's Your Mistletoe Make-Out?

What's Your Mistletoe Make-Out?

It's going to be the hottest December ever -- for your lips. Take this quiz for a mistletoe make-out session that'll redefine holiday joy.

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  • Which holiday sight makes you feel all warm and fuzzy?

    • A house covered in so many lights that it brightens the night
    • The way the snow-covered ground shines in the moonlight
    • Soft snow falling at night
    • A smiling family in tacky holiday sweaters
    • Celebrities singing their favorite holiday songs on TV. (Mariah never gets old!)
    • A whole miniature village set up on the mantel, complete with cotton snow and candlelight
  • As the holidays roll around, which seasonal song are you most excited to listen to over and over?

    • "Baby, It's Cold Outside"
    • "All I Want For Christmas Is You"
    • "I'll Be Home For Christmas"
    • "Silent Night"
    • "Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel"
    • "Let It Snow"
  • Which holiday treat would you most like to enjoy right now?

    • Hot cider with a cinnamon stick
    • A homemade cookie, covered in frosting and sprinkles
    • Sour gummy snowmen
    • A sweet gingerbread latte
    • Snowflakes (as many as I can catch!)
    • A candy cane
  • Sometimes the holidays can feel more frantic than romantic. What's something that helps you unwind?

    • Knowing I'm surrounded by people who love me
    • Escaping a family party for a few minutes of quiet alone time
    • Dancing like no one is watching
    • The smell of an evergreen candle as it's melting
    • Participating in one of my family's holiday traditions, like cooking together or decorating the tree
    • Spending time with my little siblings or cousins (and their new toys!)
  • What's a holiday tradition you love? (Besides mistletoe, of course!)

    • Sipping hot cocoa in front of the fire
    • Parties. Also, parties.
    • Snowball fights!
    • Driving around late at night to enjoy everyone's lightstlers
    • Dogs (or cars!) wearing antlers
    • I can't think of a holiday tradition I DON'T love!
  • Last, but not least, let's add a little spice to this mistletoe make-out. Which spice is your favorite?

    • Red pepper. I like things spicy.
    • Vanilla. It's sweet and relaxing.
    • Nutmeg. It's warm and nutty.
    • Cinnamon. Instant cozy.
    • Cloves. The smell of the holidays.
    • Umm…does chocolate count??