Quizzes | What's Your Movie Rating?

What's Your Movie Rating?

Does your life include comic violence? Mild sensuality? Crude humor? Take this quiz to find out where you fall on the movie rating scale.

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  • While sorting through some junk mail, you give yourself a paper cut. You'll probably:

    • Cover it with a tissue until it dries. I hate the sight of blood.
    • Say something like, "Crap that hurts. Stupid-ass junk mail."
    • Leave a few bloody fingerprints on the counter. It'll freak my mom out.
    • Forget about the mail and stare at my fingertip for ten minutes.
    • Reach for a SpongeBob band-aid.
  • You'd be happiest at a party where:

    • There are so many cupcakes, everyone can have TWO.
    • Everyone dresses up like their favorite element. I call rubidium!
    • I get to dance with someone I kinda like.
    • It's dark, the music's loud, and I'm making out in the corner.
    • Things get downright debaucherous.
  • Do you own any music with explicit lyrics?

    • Yeah, but if other people are around, I'll use my headphones.
    • Yeah. I listen to it loud and sing every word.
    • Yeah, but I also own kids' music. I like all sorts of stuff.
    • Maybe one song.
    • No. I'm radio-friendly, all the way.
  • Sometimes fake violence is funny. You'd be most likely to laugh at:

    • A cat chasing a mouse and slipping on a wet floor.
    • A big bully slipping on a wet floor, knocking over a stuffed animal display, and landing on all the fluff.
    • A high school principal slipping on a wet floor, trying to get up, falling again, and starting to cry.
    • A prom queen slipping on a wet floor, falling through a window, and squirting blood all over.
    • Someone slipping on a wet floor and hitting their head so hard they get amnesia.
  • Which best describes the last conversation you had about sex?

    • Someone told me where babies come from. I'm still in shock.
    • It was about how I wish I could change sexes, just for one day, to see what it's like.
    • It was totally implied, like "And what were YOU doing last night, girl?"
    • It got the point across but was nice and vague. Skip the graphic details, please.
    • It was very detailed... some might say too detailed.
  • The last time you were REALLY scared, how'd it work out?

    • It turned out I was worried about nothing. I felt kind of silly.
    • It was just a stupid nightmare; eventually, I woke up.
    • A really freaky image was burned into my brain for days.
    • It was bad. I'm still kinda emotionally scarred.
    • I'm fine -- as long as I avoid marshmallow fluff.
  • Curse words are good for:

    • Letting the world know I'm extremely shocked.
    • Letting the world know I'm kinda pissed off.
    • Punctuating sentences.
    • Demonstrating my freedom of speech.
    • NOTHING.
  • Are you good with kids?

    • Yeah! Kids love me.
    • Depends on the kid.
    • I think so, but their parents don't always agree.
    • Not really. I tend to catch myself saying the wrong thing.
    • Ew. I'll wait outside until the kids are gone.