Quizzes | What's Your Ninja Skill?

What's Your Ninja Skill?

Ninja skills are good to have, whether you're battling an enemy or just going about your day. Even if you've never had any martial arts training, you might be a ninja at heart -- this quiz will test your ninja instincts, and find out for sure.

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  • You're at a birthday party, and you haven't had a cupcake yet. There's only one left on the tray, and someone else is headed straight for it. You want that cupcake. What do you do?

    • Dash over, grab the cupcake, and leave the room.
    • Walk calmly in that direction, pick up the cupcake, and walk away without making eye contact.
    • Slip on a black jacket that someone left nearby, pretend I'm a caterer, and take the tray away (with the cupcake on it).
    • Say, "Oh, be careful -- I think those have peanuts in them." (It's a total lie, but I know he/she has a peanut allergy, and now the cupcake is all mine!)
    • Say, "Ugh, did you hear what happened to that cupcake? It was SO nasty. I better throw it away." (Then I'll walk away and pop it in my mouth.)
  • Your boss says, "If you're late one more time, you're fired." The next time you're running late, you'll:

    • Crawl on the floor as I go past the boss's desk.
    • Sneak in, and pretend I was in the bathroom for the past 20 minutes.
    • Make myself look sweaty and sick, and say, "I'm so glad I made it here. I almost passed out on my way in."
    • Claim I just ran into his/her favorite celebrity on the street, and stopped to take a picture, but my stupid cell phone erased it.
    • Bring a shiny silver balloon that says "Happy Birthday, Boss!!" (It's not the boss's birthday, but maybe the resulting confusion will keep him/her from looking at the clock.)
  • One of your friends brags that she could kick your butt at a certain video game. You are determined not to lose, so you:

    • Act like I have no idea what I'm doing at first. That way, she'll be even more shocked when I win.
    • Play a few practice games with her online, without telling her who I really am.
    • Play normally at first, and then kick her butt in a surprise attack.
    • Time all my moves perfectly. I know just when to jump, and just went to fight.
    • Ask a friend to describe EXACTLY what she's like as a competitor, so I'm fully prepared.
  • While rocking out at a local band's show, you see your crazy ex (the one who's still in love with you) standing off to one side. How do you avoid having an awkward encounter?

    • It'll be easy. I have my ex's rock show behavior memorized.
    • Find the cutest person in there and dance very close to him/her, so it looks like we're together.
    • Keep one eye on the ex all night, so I'm always ready to slip out of sight.
    • Stand in the shadows on the opposite side.
    • Put the hood up on my hoodie, in case that changes my look a bit.
  • You desperately need your wallet, but you left it in your dorm room, and your roommate is in there, hooking up with someone. To get your hands on it, you'll:

    • Sneak in, feel around in the dark for my wallet, and leave.
    • Dash in, grab my wallet, and leave before they can say anything.
    • Call my roommate, pretend to freak about my "lost" wallet, and beg him/her to check if it's in the room.
    • Ask our loud neighbor to turn up the music. That drives my roommate crazy, and I know he/she will go over to complain.
    • Pound on the door, saying "Campus police, open up!" in a tough voice, and then hide outside for a few minutes. That way, I bet they'll at least be dressed.
  • You didn't have a chance to do the reading for class, and now the teacher is trying to get a discussion going. How will you avoid being called on?

    • I'll sit perfectly still.
    • I'll pretend I'm looking for something in my bag, and avoid making eye contact.
    • If he/she brings up a tricky topic, I'll slip out to the bathroom for a few minutes.
    • I'll try to look disgusted, in a "You totally have a booger hanging out of your nose" kind of way. Maybe he/she will stop the discussion early.
    • Why avoid it? I can fake my way through any intelligent discussion, even if I have no idea what I'm talking about.