Quizzes | What's Your Pink Lyric?

What's Your Pink Lyric?

Pink's songs are powerful, personal, and emotional. Which of her lyrics reveals where your head is at? Take the quiz.

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  • Pick something you're in the mood to shout:

    • "I love life!"
    • "My life sucks!"
    • "Do NOT mess with me today!"
    • "Leave me alone!"
    • "Invite your friends!"
  • Aside from your shouty self, what's the loudest thing in your life right now?

    • My favorite playlist.
    • A certain person I wish had a "mute" button.
    • The voice in my head that's trying to stir up trouble.
    • The voice in my head that constantly criticizes me.
    • Well... when my friends and I are all in a room together, we get kinda loud.
  • In honor of Pink's Funhouse tour, how do you feel about funhouses?

    • Right now, all that weird twisty-spinning stuff would probably bug me.
    • They make me feel even more awkward. *Sigh*
    • The wilder the better. Bring on the bouncy floor and distorted mirrors.
    • I'd like to blow off everything else and go to a carnival today.
    • Sooo much fun with friends. Kind of boring alone.
  • Who's on your mind?

    • Someone I'd love to dance with.
    • Someone I'd like to unfriend in real life.
    • My ex (or a former crush).
    • Me. I'm getting on my own nerves today.
    • All my favorite people. (I can't name just one.)
  • What makes you feel Missundaztood?

    • Frenemies. I don't want/need them in my life.
    • People who say "Can you turn that down a little?"
    • People who think they know what's best for me. They don't.
    • Everything, but I'm dealing.
    • Everything, and it sucks.
  • Choose something you're in the mood to throw:

    • A party
    • A rotten tomato (at someone who really deserves it)
    • My best friend (into the pool... with no warning, haha)
    • Myself (onto my bed... I want to hide under the covers)
    • All of these things. AT ONCE.
  • If someone called you a "bad influence," how would you react?

    • "Hell yeah!"
    • "Oh, you don't even know..." *evil laugh*
    • "My friends like me this way."
    • "You are so wrong."
    • I might start to cry. It's been that kind of day.
  • Pick something pink.

    • Dyed hair that makes people stare
    • Confetti
    • A huge stuffed animal I'd like to hug
    • My cheeks (when I'm mad and holding it in)
    • Sunburned shoulders (from being outside without sunblock... oops.)