Quizzes | What Is Your Prom Style?

What Is Your Prom Style?

Still deciding what to wear to prom? Fear not. Take our quiz to see which prom-semble look is perfect for you!

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  • The first word that comes to mind when you think of prom is…

    • Fun!
    • Glamorous.
    • Classy.
    • Adventurous.
  • When did you start planning your prom look?

    • I've been planning since last year's prom!
    • Haven't really thought about it.
    • I have a few looks at home I think could work when the night comes.
    • A few weeks ago. I got this.
  • Your perfect prom date would be wearing...

    • A classic black and white suit with dress shoes and slicked-back hair.
    • A nice suit with a colorful or patterned tie.
    • Jeans, a tie and a leather jacket.
    • An all-white tux with a gold cummerbund and bowtie.
  • What's your prom budget?

    • I'm willing to spend some money if I find a really cute dress.
    • Money is no object.
    • I don't have a lot to spend—I'll probably re-use a dress I already have in my closet. No biggie.
    • I don't anticipate spending a lot, but I also don't plan to set foot in one of those prom dress stores.
  • If you could pick this year's prom theme, what would you choose?

    • Garden Party -- kind of like Alice In Wonderland
    • A Night Among The Stars
    • Grease
    • Breakfast At Tiffany's
  • What kind of corsage would go perfectly with your outfit?

    • Red roses with a sparkly diamond wristlet.
    • Something fresh and colorful with spring flowers.
    • A classic white orchid with a pearl bracelet.
    • I don't really need a corsage—maybe just a statement bracelet or something.
  • How would your ideal prom night end?

    • Holding hands with my date and taking a walk under the stars.
    • A sleepover with all of my friends.
    • End?? I'll be partying 'til the AM.
    • We'll just have to see where the night takes me…