Quizzes | What's Your Smile Style?

What's Your Smile Style?

What does your smile reveal about your personality? Take this quiz to find out!

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  • When you catch someone smiling at you, you're most likely to:

    • Smile back and think "That person seems nice."
    • Smile big -- after all, that person's checking me out!
    • Freak out and think "Do I have something in my teeth?"
    • Totally out-stare them!
  • Which swishing sound makes you smile the most:

    • Mouthwash in the morning -- I gotta' be fresh!
    • Windshield wipers on a rainy day -- rainy days are so calming.
    • A basketball, hitting nothing but net -- I love watching sports!
    • A velvet theater curtain -- movies always make me smile, especially on dates.
  • If you're laughing really hard, you might:

    • Cover my mouth with my hand (if I'm laughing really loud).
    • Tear up a little (if I'm laughing hard enough).
    • Say "You're funny!" to the person who made me laugh.
    • Feel lucky to have such a weird sense of humor.
  • Your ideal toothbrush would:

    • Sense which areas need more brushing, and tell me.
    • Play my favorite mp3s as I brush.
    • Play random compliments. "Your teeth are lookin' fiiine!"
    • Be programmed to say things like "Ooh, minty!" as I brush.
  • You might fake a smile if:

    • Someone gives me a useless gift (um, thanks?).
    • Someone points a camera in my direction. "Say cheese!"
    • I can tell someone's trying to impress me.
    • I feel completely out of place, but I wish I didn't.
  • What's your worst smile-related nightmare?

    • I eat a purple popsicle and it stains my mouth. It's like "Hey, world. I'm five!"
    • I realize at 6pm that I still have lettuce in my teeth… from lunch!
    • I start smiling or laughing at a really serious occasion (like a funeral).
    • I get a job where I have to smile at every customer. Noooo!
  • What inspires your biggest smiles?

    • Attractive people. The cuter, the better.
    • People I've known for years.
    • Seeing people fall down. (I know. It's terrible.)
    • My favorite people, movies, TV shows… I smile a lot.
  • While you're smiling at someone, you might also:

    • Make eye contact for a few seconds, then look away.
    • Look down. (Looking right at people makes me nervous.)
    • Listen closely to what they're saying.
    • Stick out my tongue.