Quizzes | What Kind of Bathing Suit Are You?

What Kind of Bathing Suit Are You?

To find a bathing suit that fits your body, you'll have to try on a bunch of different styles. To find a bathing suit that fits your mind, just take this quiz.

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  • Aside from swimming, what's your favorite thing to do at the beach?

    • People-watch.
    • Jog along the water's edge.
    • Cover myself in sunblock and relax on a blanket.
    • All of the above... all in one day.
  • What's your favorite thing to do at a pool?

    • Drift around very slowly on a raft.
    • Cannon ball contests!
    • Practice my diving.
    • I like all of these things equally.
  • When you put on a bathing suit, you usually feel...

    • Pretty…if I do say so, myself!
    • Eager to get in the water!
    • Calm, cool, and confident.
    • Who cares about the suit itself? Let's just get to the beach!
  • Your favorite warm-weather beverage is:

    • A glass of good old-fashioned lemonade.
    • Ice water with cucumber slices.
    • Full of electrolytes.
    • A fruit smoothie.
  • If you're in a bathing suit, and somebody takes out a camera, you'll probably:

    • Smile and strike a pose.
    • Ignore it.
    • Show off my high dive skills.
    • Gather as many people as I can to join in the shot with me.
  • Your dream bathing suit...

    • Lets me stand out, but in a good way.
    • Makes me look like a beach goddess.
    • Is comfy, fun, and looks great.
    • Makes me swim even faster.
  • What do you think of water slides and log flumes?

    • They're fun!
    • They're okay, as long as nobody takes pictures of my hair afterwards.
    • Now that I think about it, they seem kind of dangerous.
    • Bring it, the crazier the better!
  • When you're wearing a swimsuit, what else do you usually have on?

    • Sandals.
    • Sunglasses.
    • Waterproof goggles.
    • Any of these, depending on what I'm up to.