Quizzes | What Kind of Kiss Are You?

What Kind of Kiss Are You?

Can a little lip action define your whole personality? This quiz wants to pull you close, tilt your head just so... and tell you exactly who you are.

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  • What's something you like to do in the dark, other than kiss?

    • Play flashlight tag
    • Watch scary movies
    • Feel my way around without turning a light on
    • Look up at the stars
    • Talk about highly confidential stuff (on the phone or in person)
    • Dream of secret, surreal things
  • What's something that makes your heart beat faster, other than a kiss?

    • Touching my crush's hand for the first time
    • Slow dancing in my classiest clothes
    • Climbing the ladder to the high dive
    • Unwrapping a gift from someone I love
    • Riding a rollercoaster with a 360-degree loop
    • Looking down from the top of a skyscraper
  • What's a soft thing you like, other than lips?

    • Whispers
    • Rose petals
    • Raindrops
    • Cupcake frosting
    • Forgiveness
    • Gently rolling ocean waves
  • Choose one kissing requirement:

    • Curiosity
    • Someone who challenges me
    • Someone who makes me laugh
    • A magic spell that makes me less nervous
    • A soulmate. I think we've all got one.
    • Oh, just surprise me!
  • Choose a warm thing you like, other than kissing:

    • A squirmy puppy
    • A sunny spot by the window
    • Layers and layers of blankets
    • A bubbly hot tub
    • A bonfire
    • The hood of a recently-driven car
  • Besides kissing, pick something that makes you want to close your eyes:

    • Diving underwater
    • Riding my bike down a hill
    • Trying to remember something
    • Listening to music through headphones
    • Watching a movie preview (Argh, spoilers!)
    • Who says I close my eyes during a kiss?
  • Let's get your tongue involved. Pick something you'd like to taste right now:

    • An ice cream soda
    • A lemon lollipop
    • Fruit-flavored wallpaper (like Willy Wonka's)
    • Strawberry bubblegum
    • A chocolate covered ant
    • Brownie batter