Quizzes | What Kind of Monster Are You?

What Kind of Monster Are You?

If you ever feel like a freak of nature from another dimension, you're not crazy -- that's the REAL you shining through. What, you thought you were human? Take this quiz.

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  • Choose something about yourself that's not exactly normal:

    • I like watching other people freak out.
    • I'm extremely hot.
    • People always forget the stuff I tell them.
    • I sometimes like bad smells.
    • I'd be perfectly happy staying in this exact spot all day.
    • If someone takes my seat in class, I will completely lose it.
  • Choose something that makes you happy:

    • Hiking in the woods
    • Flowers (real ones, not the plastic kind)
    • Sneaking up on people
    • Snuggling up somewhere warm
    • EATING
    • Making friends
  • Yeah, you're a monster... but what scares YOU?

    • Forest fires
    • The ocean at night
    • Huge open spaces
    • Explosions
    • Being chased
    • Roosters. They're just... wrong.
  • Which of these things are you in the mood to eat right now?

    • Just water for now, thanks.
    • Some popcorn.
    • A li'l snack pack.
    • A Thanksgiving meal
    • You know when cheese gets burnt and crispy? So good.
    • Not really in the mood.
  • Pick a place to relax and just be monstrous:

    • A cozy little room
    • Somewhere with pretty statues
    • Somewhere green and foresty
    • Somewhere steamy-hot, like a sauna
    • Somewhere dark, preferably indoors
    • Somewhere with lots of free food
  • What do you see when you look in the mirror?

    • Someone with a healthy glow
    • Someone who's a bit shiny
    • Someone who's totally cute
    • Someone who's practically indestructible
    • Someone who wears lots of blue
    • I try to avoid mirrors.
  • If you saw your enemy today, you'd probably:

    • Give them a death look.
    • Say hi and see if maybe we're not enemies anymore.
    • I don't know. I wonder.
    • Hug them. Life's too short for enemies!
    • Pick a fight. I mean... it's my enemy.
    • Go hide somewhere.