Quizzes | What Kind of Pet Are You?

What Kind of Pet Are You?

Sure, you look human, but you've got the personality of a lovable little animal. Want to know which one? Take the quiz.

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  • What's the state of your room right now?

    • It's amazingly clean.
    • It's relatively tidy.
    • I'm waiting for someone else to clean it.
    • A few things are out of place.
    • It's messy, but cozy.
  • Choose something (other than an animal) that you might feel the urge to pet:

    • A plush toy
    • A friend's hair
    • A fleece jacket
    • A smooth rock
    • I'm not that touchy-feely.
  • Choose a treat that might tempt you to do a trick:

    • A fresh strawberry
    • A crispy chip
    • A stick of jerky
    • A warm cookie
    • Something exotic that I'm dying to taste
  • How do you act around little kids?

    • I'm pretty patient, so we usually get along.
    • I let them know I'm in charge.
    • I try to play with them.
    • I do my best to ignore them.
    • I stay far away from them.
  • Where would you feel the most relaxed?

    • Anywhere sunny
    • In a heated pool
    • On a huge comfy pillow
    • Under a blanket on the couch
    • In my bed
  • What's your ideal set-up for watching Degrassi?

    • Good people, good snacks, and a fancy TV
    • With a few friends around me, talking and laughing
    • With one friend, listening closely so we don't miss any drama
    • With my phone in my hand, so I can text a friend as I watch
    • Just me and the TV, so I won't miss a thing
  • Wanna rassle?

    • The word is "wrestle," and the answer is "no."
    • No. I'd rather play hide and seek.
    • No. I'd probably end up hurting you by accident.
    • Maybe a little, if you take it easy on me.
    • YES!