Quizzes | What Makes You So Spectacular?

What Makes You So Spectacular?

Take this quiz to find out what makes you stand out in a crowd.

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  • If you could only have one of the following things on stage with you, you'd pick:

    • A tiger.
    • A trampoline.
    • A confetti cannon.
    • The warm glow of my spotlight.
    • A huge three-way mirror, so the audience can see me from several angles at once.
  • If your town threw a parade in your honor, you'd want to:

    • Ride in a convertible with the mayor.
    • Perform over and over, so the people on each block get to see me in action.
    • Ride on a float covered in hundreds of silver streamers that shine in the sun.
    • Toss out candy or small prizes to the crowd.
    • Ride in something with a roof -- I don't want to risk getting sunburned.
  • You're most thankful that this product exists:

    • Tooth whitener.
    • Antiperspirant.
    • Strawberry bubblegum.
    • My perfume/cologne.
    • My shampoo. It smells SO good.
  • You'd love to experience a day in the life of:

    • The president of the United States.
    • An Olympic gymnast.
    • A pageant queen.
    • My best friend.
    • A supermodel.
  • If we took out a video camera right now and asked, "Are you ready for your close-up?" you'd say:

    • "Yes!" (Unless I've just eaten spinach or poppy seeds, in which case I need a quick moment with a mirror -- tooth-check.)
    • "Does it have to be a close up? I'd kinda prefer a montage of action shots."
    • "Anything for you, sunshine!"
    • "Sure. Get as close as you want."
    • "Just a sec." (Before we start recording, I want to at least run my hand through my hair.)
  • You'd probably applaud until your hands hurt after watching:

    • An underdog team come from behind and totally kick ass and win and yay!
    • A group performance that's perfectly synchronized and goes off without a hitch.
    • A kindergarten class put on their very first play.
    • Someone with major stage fright discover the thrill of performing.
    • A crew of professional stylists in action -- they know all the beauty tricks.