Quizzes | What Should You Be for Halloween?

What Should You Be for Halloween?

Do you have the patience for a complex Halloween costume? The guts to go conceptual? Or do you just want to look hot for the parties? Answer some questions and we'll put together a personalized list of Halloween costume suggestions, just for you (and everyone else who takes this quiz).

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  • For you, the word Halloween is most synonymous with:

    • candy.
    • parties.
    • costumes.
    • horror movies and haunted houses.
    • a hassle.
    • freaking people out.
  • When you're in costume, do you mind when people ask what you're "supposed to be"?

    • Not at all! It's a conversation starter.
    • Yeah, I'd rather my idea be recognizable.
  • Agree or disagree: the whole point of a Halloween costume is to be SCARY.

    • Agree
    • Disagree
  • Do you enjoy putting together costumes?

    • Of course! It's like a craft project!
    • Ugh. Craft projects give me a stomachache.
  • In your opinion, the Halloween costume that would best impress a crush would be one that:

    • makes me look really, really good.
    • demonstrates my creativity.
    • makes him or her laugh.
    • could make a little kid run and hide.
    • I wouldn't really use a Halloween costume to impress a crush.
  • Would you wear a costume that made you look ugly?

    • No. Why do that, when I can choose something flattering?
    • Sure. Halloween comes but once a year -- I can sacrifice my hotness for a second.
  • So, what are your thoughts on store-bought, pre-fab Halloween costumes-in-a-box?

    • Oh, BLESS them. They're lifesavers.
    • They're fine if you don't mind knowing that thousands of people have the exact same costume as you.
    • They're for amateurs.
    • They rarely fit well, since they tend to come in "one size fits all." And the fabric is not the greatest.
    • Forget those things. They're wimpy.
  • What do you like best about wearing a Halloween costume?

    • Freaking people out.
    • The chance to take on another persona for a little bit.
    • The satisfaction of a job well done.
    • The fact that it causes spontaneous gifts of candy
    • It's a chance to really go all out -- you can get away with stuff that you couldn't wear every day.
  • Which of these sounds most like your ideal way to spend Halloween night?

    • Winning a costume contest.
    • Running a haunted house.
    • Meeting hotties... come to think of it, that's my ideal way to spend most nights
    • Trick-or-treating -- what's up free candy?
    • Chilling at a party, meeting new people, having some laughs.
    • Handing out candy to kids.
  • If you were to judge a Halloween costume contest, what would you be looking for?

    • Creativity and craftsmanship.
    • The kind of costume where, if I ran into that person in a dark alley, I'd seriously hyperventilate.
    • A costume that looks really put together and not sloppy. An attractive costume.
    • Originality and concept... the kind of costume you have to think about for a second.
    • Whatevs. Do the judges get free candy?