Quizzes | What Style of Dance Are You?

What Style of Dance Are You?

This quiz can't see how you move your body, so it's based on how you move your mouse. What are you waiting for? Dance on down the page!

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  • Pick one thing that makes you want to dance:

    • Live music with a great beat
    • A big empty room with smooth floors
    • A spotlight, pointed in my direction
    • A talented DJ
    • Life (It's just so crazy and weird and interesting!)
  • You'd love to be able to move like...

    • A ninja
    • A hummingbird
    • A swan
    • A cat
    • Any of these -- it depends on my mood.
  • When you're not dancing, you sometimes like to:

    • Run
    • Bake yummy things
    • Swim underwater, holding my breath
    • Write or paint
    • Drive (or ride) around town
  • Which of these people would you most like to dance with?

    • Someone who's willing to get really close, so our bodies touch.
    • Someone who is strong, focused, and respectful.
    • Someone who understands me better than anyone else.
    • Someone who has the energy to keep up with me.
    • I want all of these qualities in one person!
  • What do you like best about dancing?

    • It's challenging.
    • It's a chance to express whatever's going on in my head.
    • It's exciting. I'm never bored when I'm dancing.
    • The way it makes me feel -- fierce.
    • It's hot (in a flirty way).
  • What's an essential part of your dance outfit?

    • Sparkles
    • Stretchy, form-fitting material
    • Shoes that make it easy to slide across the floor
    • Something that'll impress my friends
    • Something that brings out what I'm feeling inside (or hides it -- like a mask)
  • If you were a judge on one of those reality TV dance shows, who'd get your highest scores?

    • Someone with great technique. I want perfection!
    • Someone whose moves are so hot, I want to make out with them.
    • Someone whose moves feel unique. I want to see something new.
    • Someone with a daring, challenging routine. I want to be blown away.
    • Someone who oozes confidence, like they know they deserve to win.