Quizzes | What Would Victoria Justice Do?

What Would Victoria Justice Do?

Ever wish you knew the right thing to wear, think, say, and do in any situation? If only there were someone you could ask -- someone who kicks more butt than Chuck Norris, dresses better than a runway model, and smiles even when the world is drenching her in slime -- someone like Victoria Justice. Victoria's too busy with her TV show to follow you around and fix all your problems, but this quiz is the next best thing. Answer the questions that apply to you; skip the ones that don't.

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  • How are things with your friends?

    • Awesome!
    • Great. We've got so many adventures planned.
    • Good, but we get a bit competitive.
    • So much drama, it's like a Degrassi episode.
    • We're losing touch a bit. :(
    • Kinda dull. The same old, same old.
  • Anything romantic going on in your life?

    • Yes... LOVE. <3
    • I like someone so much, it's getting a bit obsessy.
    • Somebody else likes the same person I do.
    • I'm worried I might get my heart broken.
    • No -- I've been too busy.
    • Don't ask. I need a distraction.
  • Which best describes your current mood?

    • Kinda clueless. I just feel out of it.
    • Like I wish I owned a punching bag and boxing gloves
    • Frazzled, fried, freakin'
    • Frustrated
    • Nervous
    • Happy!
  • What would make you smile a HUGE smile?

    • I'm already smiling.
    • Knowing my teeth are sparkly white. (No spinach blobs.)
    • A gift certificate for music downloads.
    • If life makes more sense when I wake up tomorrow.
    • If someone apologized to me -- and meant it.
    • A day off. (Please?)
  • What's the biggest challenge you're facing right now?

    • I can't think of any -- life's going pretty well.
    • It's hard to narrow it down to one.
    • It's not a what. It's a whom.
    • I'm not feeling inspired.
    • I've got a big event coming up, and I want to be ready.
    • The future. (Just in general)
  • What have you been listening to lately?

    • Various people who want something from me.
    • Someone who thinks I'm wrong. Sigh.
    • The Worst. Music. Ever. (Not by choice)
    • Safety warnings and cautionary tales.
    • My heart. :)
    • Nothing. I'm so busy, I've been blocking it all out.
  • What's going on with you, style-wise?

    • I feel great about how I look!
    • I'm in a rut.
    • I'm breaking out of my shell.
    • All my fave clothes are dirty and it sucks.
    • It seems like I'm always dressed too warmly -- or not warmly enough.
    • I'm not sure what looks good on me.