Quizzes | What's Your HALO?

What's Your HALO?

How will you use your talents to make the world a better place? Answer these questions to find the HALO you already have.

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  • Choose a first date:

    • A party
    • A movie
    • Mini-golf
  • Which is your favorite quality about yourself?

    • I'm agile.
    • I'm affectionate.
    • I'm articulate.
  • If a person on the street asks you for money for food, you:

    • Make a mental note to make a donation to the local homeless shelter.
    • Always make sure I speak to them like a human being and smile.
    • Offer to buy them a banana at the corner store.
  • There are a lot of people in your facebook friends list who:

    • I've only met once, or maybe even never.
    • I don't hang out with all the time, but we've been on clubs or teams together.
    • I stick with only good friends on social networks, so I can talk about personal stuff.
  • The principal at your school institutes a new policy that you and a lot of other students think is unfair. You:

    • Participate in the sit-in that's been organized.
    • Ask to meet with the principal so I can understand her position and maybe suggest a compromise.
    • Write an article about it for the school newspaper.
  • Your school is organizing a group to go volunteer with an organization that builds affordable housing for those in need. You're most likely to be:

    • Up late at night, getting inspired by reading stories about people they've helped. Possibly crying.
    • Helping out with recruiting, flyering, and posting facebook notes about volunteering.
    • Eager to show up and hammer and paint my butt off! Maybe I'll learn how to hang drywall!
  • Which of these college majors most appeals to you?

    • Marketing or Journalism
    • Physical Education or Architecture
    • Psychology or Elementary Education
  • Your friends come to you the most when they need:

    • A good pep talk, or help with a college essay.
    • An understanding ear or a shoulder to cry on.
    • An energetic friend to help them on a big project, or a workout partner.
  • When you feel bleagh, what's your favorite way of dealing with it?

    • Doing something distracting, just to get out of my head for a while
    • Getting a hug
    • Talking it out