Quizzes | What's Your Paranormal Personality?

What's Your Paranormal Personality?

If you believe in aliens and UFOs, what does it say about you? Take this quiz for a close encounter with yourself.

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  • If you see strange lights moving across the sky (and it's definitely not a plane), you might:

    • Think the military is testing some new technology.
    • Take a picture, in case it's a UFO.
    • Call someone and ask, "Could you look up in the sky for a sec? See anything weird?"
  • While waiting in line for coffee, you overhear someone talking about the time they were abducted by aliens. You'll probably:

    • Find a way to join the conversation, so I can ask for details about the experience.
    • Listen in for a while, and wonder how much of the story is true.
    • Roll my eyes. This town is full of crazies.
  • If aliens landed here, do you think the government would cover it up?

    • Yes, for our own good. They wouldn't want the public to freak out.
    • No. That's just another conspiracy theory.
    • They might try, but somebody would find out and tweet about it.
  • If a friend tells you she spotted a UFO during a recent lightning storm, how might you react?

    • I'd be kinda jealous.
    • I'd believe she thinks she saw a UFO... but it could've been anything.
    • I'd be like "Stop messing with me."
  • What are your thoughts on crop circles?

    • Most of them are probably fake, but a few of them might be real.
    • They're created by artsy humans with too much free time.
    • I'd love to visit one in person and see if I feel any special energy.
  • If life DOES exist on another planet, those aliens are probably...

    • Tiny one-celled organisms.
    • A billion light-years away, doing their own thing, and completely unaware of Earth.
    • Curious about us.
  • If a trustworthy person showed you a few grainy old photos of UFOs, and explained that the pics were taken before airplanes existed, what would you say?

    • "I wonder if they're real..."
    • "Wow!" (Photoshop didn't exist back then.)
    • "Sorry, but it's a hoax. People have been faking this stuff forever."
  • If a retired air force captain told you about the time he saw a saucer-like ship from the cockpit of his plane, how would you react?

    • I'd believe him. Someone in his position wouldn't make up a story like that.
    • I'd wonder if anyone else saw it, too, like maybe a co-pilot or someone on the ground.
    • I'd want to know what he REALLY saw. Maybe the clouds did something weird that day.