Quizzes | What's Your Prom Night Fantasy?

What's Your Prom Night Fantasy?

What's gonna happen to YOU on prom night? Tell this quiz all your prom-related hopes and dreams, and it'll invite you along on the perfect prom fantasy.

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  • You're halfway to the prom when you realize you forgot your camera. You:

    • Don't worry about it. That's what my memory is for.
    • Relax. Everyone will be taking photos, so I don't need to.
    • Make sure my date has a camera. We can share.
    • Trust the professional photographers. I'll just buy the photos I like.
  • When you think about prom night, the first thing you picture is:

    • A limo that fits twelve people (or more if we all squoosh together).
    • Long gorgeous gowns. Sigh.
    • A couple clinging to each other on a foggy dance floor.
    • The outfit a particular celebrity wore to the Oscars.
    • An empty bank account. Noooo thanks.
  • How should your prom fantasy smell?

    • Like spring flowers, faint perfume, and/or a bubble bath
    • Like cinnamon, firewood, and fresh air
    • Like a new car, a warm breeze, and/or a decadent dessert
    • Like warm deodorant-scented hugs, fresh mint leaves, and/or roses
    • Like apples, fountain soda, and/or fabric softener
  • When you fantasize about the prom, are you and your date prom royalty?

    • OMG, that would ROCK.
    • I don't need a crown, but I'd like to be treated like royalty.
    • Only if all my friends are, too. Bring on the crowns!
    • Nah, we don't want all that attention.
    • Ha. No.
  • If you lost your cell phone at the prom, you'd:

    • Be mad at myself for getting distracted by all the shiny prom hype.
    • Consider it a small price to pay for a night this great.
    • Deal with it tomorrow! I refuse to stress on prom night.
    • Have my date call my phone over and over until I hear it ringing.
    • Expect someone to find it and call the numbers in it. By the end of the night, it'll find it's way back to me.
  • Choose a random thing that MIGHT have a place in your prom fantasy (no guarantees):

    • A slowly-spinning disco ball
    • Refusing to do the typical posed prom portrait
    • Someone else's hoodie
    • A sophisticated smile
    • VIP access
  • Let's put some stars in your prom fantasy. Pick a kind:

    • The Hollywood kind. Fill my prom with celebs.
    • The extra bright ones that make up constellations.
    • Just one super bright one, so I can wish on it.
    • The kind that shoot across the sky, leaving a blazing trail of light.
    • Tiny, shiny star-shaped confetti. I want to throw it around and get it in my hair.