Quizzes | What's Your Snogging Style?

What's Your Snogging Style?

Snogging = British-ese for kissing, btw. Take the quiz.

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  • Do you think you're a good kisser?

    • If you want to know, why don't you ask all your mates? Wink wink nudge nudge!
    • Pretty sure I'm great.
    • I don't know. I hope so?
    • I know I enjoy myself.
  • How important is eye contact in a snog?

    • Oh it's crucial. You've got to set the tone.
    • Utterly unimportant. Your eyes don't snog, your lips do.
    • Oh my God, no eye contact. I'll start laughing.
    • I can't handle it -- I always end up looking away.
  • How much tongue is too much?

    • Gross! Next question!
    • Just enough to know you both mean it.
    • How much have you got?
    • If your tongue ends up in their nose, you know you've crossed a line.
  • A kiss is just:

    • A kiss. Sigh.
    • The beginning.
    • Two faces mashing into each other, let's be honest.
    • Never enough.
  • Pick the perfect place for a snog:

    • The cinema.
    • The sofa.
    • On the beach at sunset.
    • It doesn't matter where we are; all that matters is who's doing the snogging
  • You're snogging a bloke/bird, when somewhere in the next room you hear your git mate yell, "HANDS OFF MY MONKEY!" You:

    • Crack up and yell out "YOUR MONKEY'S A SLAG! GET OVER IT!"
    • Smile and raise my eyebrows at my bloke/bird, then get back into the moment
    • Ignore. Block out. No interruptions. All snogging all the time.
    • Blush like mad. I hate when the moment gets broken, and you're face to face with this person you were just snogging!
  • You and your mates are sharing a basket of chips, and there's only one left. While everyone discusses the fairest way to decide who eats it, you:

    • Pick it up and lick it and put it back in the basket.
    • Quick stuff it in my gob. I can't help it
    • Stare at it longingly.
    • Hope I get to eat it. Oh pick me pick me!