Quizzes | What's Your Texting Personality?

What's Your Texting Personality?

What does your phone reveal about your personality? Don't worry; this quiz doesn't have to read your texts to find out. Just answer these questions:

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  • If you're excited as you text, you might:

    • Include an "OMG" in the text
    • Use lots of !!!'s
    • Type a sound, like "Eeeee!"
    • Take a deep breath and try not to show it
    • Do any of these (depending on my mood)
  • You'd be tempted to send a text in class if:

    • The teacher left the room
    • Someone hot texted me first
    • I heard an insane rumor about our class president
    • I was extremely happy (or sad) about a grade
    • Any of these things happened
  • Choose a place you've texted from recently:

    • My couch
    • My bed
    • The floor of my room
    • At a table, across from the person I'm texting
    • All of these!
  • If you lost your phone, you'd be most worried about:

    • Tracking down all of my friend's numbers
    • If my friends will think I'm ignoring them
    • Losing flirty messages from someone I like
    • Whether I'll ever have a phone again
    • Who might find it (What if it's someone I've texted about?)
  • Pick a text you might forward to someone else:

    • A text about an issue that really affects me
    • A text from my crush (so my friend sees why I'm freaking)
    • A text that's way too juicy to keep to myself
    • A text from my parents that makes me roll my eyes
    • I might forward any of these.
  • If your thumbs could talk, they'd be experts on:

    • Complimenting people
    • What my favorite celebrity is up to
    • How my mood changes from day to day
    • Small talk, like "hey, what's up?"
    • EVERYTHING about my life
  • Which emoticon gets the most use on your phone?

    • :)
    • :D
    • :*
    • O_O
    • I use any/all of these in the average day.
  • If you're texting back and forth with someone for a while, it's probably because:

    • We've got some catching up to do
    • We're bonding about something random
    • We're kind of into each other
    • We're trying to figure out if our crushes like us back
    • One of us is dealing with something big