Quizzes | When Will You Find Love?

When Will You Find Love?

Lots of quizzes will put you in a fake relationship with a celebrity or a TV character... but this quiz predicts when you'll really find love. (Warning: It only works if you're single!)

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  • To find love, you've got to look, right? How hard have you been looking?

    • I've already found the right person -- I just have to figure out how to make it happen.
    • Very, very hard.
    • I'm not freaking out about it, but I'm keeping my eyes open.
    • Not very. I'm pretty sure nobody I know wants to date me.
    • Does taking this quiz count?
  • Where's your head, crush-wise?

    • I've got a few potential crushes, but no huge ones.
    • I'm at maximum crushpacity... I'm crushing so hard it hurts.
    • I get new crushes every single day. (Ugh, even my days are single.)
    • My crush just gets me down. I'm not good enough for him/her.
    • N/A. I don't know anybody crushworthy.
  • Do you believe it's possible to find love if you're wearing baggy sweats and your hair is a mess?

    • I believe it's possible to do anything in baggy sweats. They're comfy!
    • That wouldn't work for me. It only works for people who are very cute and very lucky.
    • Yes. I think true love can see past that stuff.
    • Possible? Maybe. Likely? No way.
    • I hope so, because if I see a hot person jogging, I'm gonna jog after him/her.
  • What's something you love about yourself?

    • I'm flexible. I think I could be happy with all sorts of people.
    • My ability to pick clothes off the floor and still look decent.
    • My dedication. If I want something, I don't give up until I get it.
    • I love a ton of stuff about myself. I'm pretty rad.
    • Can I skip this one?
  • When you're not thinking about finding love, what do you like best about being single?

    • I can flirt with anyone I want. *wink*
    • I have more time to spend alone, and with my friends, family, and/or pet.
    • Nobody tells me what to do.
    • I can watch TV in my PJs all weekend long.
    • Sigh. Who says I like being single?
  • What does it take for you to find someone attractive?

    • It can be almost anything, even just having nice eyelashes.
    • He/she basically just has to be nice to me.
    • Convenience. The long-distance stuff is too hard.
    • He/she has to be awesome -- and attracted to me, too.
    • It's hard to explain, but I have a certain person in mind that has it ALL.
  • Can you think of anything you'd rather find than love?

    • No. Love is all we need, right?
    • No, and please note -- I want more than generic "love." I want it with a particular person.
    • Yeah. That sock I lost the last time I did laundry.
    • World peace. Or maybe even a baby hedgehog.
    • A new job, better friends, a better haircut... Love is just one thing on a very long list.