Quizzes | Where Do You Fall on the Spashley Spectrum?

Where Do You Fall on the Spashley Spectrum?

Are you more like Spencer or Ashley from South of Nowhere? This quiz will check your attitude and make an assessment.

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  • How trusting are you?

    • I tend to trust people unless they give me a reason not to.
    • I'm semi-trusting.
    • I only trust people who've earned my trust.
  • Your family are:

    • The people who drive me the craziest.
    • The people I love, no matter what.
    • The weirdest people I know.
  • The best part of turning 18 is:

    • I can vote! (S, from her birthday ep)
    • I'm not a minor anymore.
    • The best part of ANY birthday -- the cake. (middle)
  • If a random stranger is nice to you, you tend to be:

    • Nice in return. Most people are nice, aren't they?
    • Pleasantly surprised.
    • Skeptical of his/her motives.
  • True or false: Everyone cares what other people think.

    • True, on some level.
    • False.
    • I'm not sure. I'll say "Maybe."
  • As you get older, you're:

    • Chilling out a bit.
    • Toughening up a bit.
    • Chilling out about some stuff, and toughening up about other stuff.
  • When someone you love makes you REALLY mad, do you want to talk to that person about how you're feeling?

    • Of course I do. We need to talk.
    • Maybe, but it's probably better if I calm down for a few minutes first.
    • Hell no. If that person is smart, he/she will leave me alone for a while.
  • The quiz is over -- let's hug!

    • Sure!
    • Haha, really?
    • Back off, weirdo.