Quizzes | Which Animal Should You Date?

Which Animal Should You Date?

'Guess, technically, you prolly shouldn't date any animals, on account of it being illegal not to mention severely gross. But come on, you know you're curious... who's your animal dream date?

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  • If you could really just say whatever you're thinking, what would you say to the object of your highest affection?

    • I want to crawl all over you.
    • You complete me.
    • Marry me.
    • Please don't break my heart.
    • Dude, you're the best. You just... rule.
  • Cheating cheaters and the liars who cheat with them are:

    • Really better off just not even pretending to be monogamous with someone.
    • Incomprehensible. I seriously don't get how they can do that.
    • Sad, sad people.
    • A threat to society who should really be taught a lesson.
    • Humans. That's just how the cookie crumbles sometimes.
  • What's generally the point of being in a relationship?

    • Getting to hook up on a regular basis.
    • Feeling whole and normal.
    • Hopefully finding someone I could spend the rest of my life with.
    • Knowing that someone would be faithful to me.
    • Companionship and affection.
  • You and your bf/gf are spending so much time together that people have started calling you "Clairemy" instead of just "Claire" and "Jeremy", like "Are Clairemy coming to that party Saturday?" How does that rub you?

    • The wrong, wrong way. I'd bolt.
    • That's perfect. That's my ideal way of being. In fact if I could actually become a true manifestation of "Clairemy," I'd be delighted.
    • I think it's sweet, 'cause we really are pretty together-y.
    • I think it's great, 'cause people automatically know to keep their hands OFF MY PROPERTY.
    • Heh. That's funny.
  • Your honski is talking to a hottie you'd rather he/she wouldn't talk to quite so much. You:

    • don't actually mind at all. Leaves me free to talk to another hottie myself.
    • weep bitter, salty tears.
    • go up and join the conversation to ease my fears.
    • get up in that hottie's face and let him/her know what's what.
    • let it go. Sometimes my honski just needs the ego boost; I do it, too, sometimes.
  • Would you ever consider being in an open relationship, where you can both hook up with other people?

    • Yes! Please! Where do I sign? In fact, why don't we just skip the "relationship" part and just both hook up with whoever we want?
    • <sob> What are you trying to say? Don't you need me?
    • I don't think that's healthy.
    • Oh hell no. And if you ever... there will be hell to pay, missy/mister.
    • It does sound kind of ideal, as long as we'd still always have each other.
  • What quality do you most look for in a bf/gf?

    • Great [insert body part].
    • Is really, really into me.
    • Stability and maturity.
    • Honesty.
    • Fun to be around.
  • What's your favorite form of affection?

    • Making out. Yum.
    • Staring into my honski's eyes until his/her features blur into eternity.
    • Eskimo kisses. A kissy wissy rubadub dub.
    • Jewelry. So everyone knows I'm spoken for.
    • Hugs. Who doesn't love hugs?