Quizzes | Which Celebrity Activist Are You?

Which Celebrity Activist Are You?

If you were a celebrity, you'd want to help make the world a better place, right? Take this quiz to find out which famous person cares about stuff as much as you do.

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  • If you were invited on a TV show to talk about your cause, you'd:

    • Ask them to record me actually doing something to help, instead of just an interview.
    • Ask everyone watching the show to take action or make a donation.
    • Explain why a certain issue matters so much to me personally.
    • Probably say no. I'd rather stay out of the spotlight.
  • Will you get dirty for a good cause?

    • Definitely. Bring on the dirt!
    • Yes -- especially if it helps us get news coverage.
    • Sure, as long as nobody's standing next to me with a video camera.
    • Only if it's absolutely necessary. I'd rather throw a benefit party and get all dressed up.
  • Would you wear a T-shirt that promotes your cause?

    • Sure! Anything to help raise awareness.
    • Yes. It'll make me look more official when I'm asking other people to help out.
    • Yes, but just wearing a T-shirt isn't enough. I want to be as involved as possible.
    • If I like the shirt, I'll wear it. Otherwise, I'll stick with a plain tee.
  • How would you feel about standing out in public, asking friends and strangers to donate clothes, non-perishable food, or money to your cause?

    • I'm kind of shy, so I'd rather help in another way.
    • How long do I have to do it? I might get bored standing behind a table.
    • Oh, I'll be good at that. I can be very persuasive.
    • Great. I'll even alert the local news media and try to get coverage.
  • Everyone's pitching in to help organize a benefit concert for a great cause. Which job do you want?

    • Organizing everything. I'll choose the band, the venue, the swag, the food... you name it.
    • Getting on stage to give a short (but meaningful) talk about the charity.
    • Collecting donations and encouraging people to be extra generous if they like the show.
    • Making sure everything runs smoothly. I'll stay backstage and keep an eye on things.
  • How do you feel about screaming protesters?

    • Sign me up! Making signs and shouting chants is fun.
    • Loud rallies are a great way to get fast results.
    • I think it's easier to make your point if you stay calm.
    • I try to steer clear of angry mobs.
  • Your favorite cause asks you to spend next Saturday working with them. Even if you're not thrilled about volunteering all day, what might make it worth it?

    • If I knew I could convince all my friends to come along
    • If the project is outdoors
    • If I knew a photographer from the local paper would be there
    • I don't need an incentive. I'd be happy just to help out.
  • If someone threw a black tie gala to present you with an award for your charity work (a shiny trophy with an engraved plaque), you'd:

    • Wish they hadn't wasted all that money throwing a party. They could've spent it on helping people.
    • Feel uncomfortable. I don't need a trophy, and I don't want to give a speech.
    • Give a speech about why I find a certain cause so inspiring
    • Suggest specific ways that everyone there can get more involved