Quizzes | Which Degrassi Guy Will Mess with Your Heart?

Which Degrassi Guy Will Mess with Your Heart?

On Degrassi, people change when you least expect it. You can love somebody one minute and hate them the next. Which guy's gonna play with your emotions? Take the quiz.

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  • You tend to bond with people who:

    • Know how to get what they want
    • Aren't afraid of anything
    • Know how to have a good time
    • Never judge people for being themselves
    • Work hard and play hard!
  • What kind of person can really make you angry?

    • Anyone closed-minded
    • People who think they're cool when they're not
    • Party poopers!
    • Nosey people
    • People who think they "get" me when they don't
  • What's your opinion on love?

    • It's great! But sometimes it gets me into trouble…
    • It seems really hard to find, but I still believe it's worth it!
    • Love can help you and hurt you all at the same time
    • I don't have time for love. Now's the time to keep things fun
    • Keep it casual. No drama.
  • You might be intimidated by:

    • I don't really get intimidated by people. It's usually the other way around.
    • Someone who has a lot more confidence than I do
    • Someone who's a lot smarter than I am
    • Someone who tries to steal the one I love
    • Someone who has their whole future planned out
  • Hey…wanna hear a secret??

    • That depends…is it about me?
    • No, thanks. I'd rather avoid the drama
    • I highly doubt you have any secrets I don't already know
    • I probably shouldn't. I'm not very good at keeping secrets
    • I already have enough secrets of my own
  • Everybody has insecurities. What worries you the most?

    • My past
    • My future
    • Figuring out who I really am
    • Making people proud of me
    • Tomorrow's outfit
  • If you had the power to slow down your life for a moment, what would you want to experience in slow motion?

    • Realizing what it feels like to be in love
    • Walking down the hall, looking amazing and turning heads
    • Saying goodbye to a family member for the last time
    • A moment of total peace and quiet
    • Scoring the winning point