Quizzes | Which Degrassi Girl Should You Date?

Which Degrassi Girl Should You Date?

In today's enlightened world, we're no longer defined by our looks, our style, our actions, or our beliefs. We're defined by the profiles we fill out for our online personal ads! So, here are answers that eight Degrassi characters gave to personality profile questions. Pick the answers you like the best, and this quiz will tell you who to date.

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  • "What's the word or phrase that best describes your personality?"
    Your Degrassi date said:

    • Impulsive
    • Driven
    • Hopeful
    • Fierce
    • Faithful
    • Daring
    • Resilient
    • Influential
  • "What's the best or worst lie you've ever told?"
    Your Degrassi date said:

    • I believe lying is wrong.
    • "I'm boring."
    • "I'll be at the library."
    • "I can't make it, I have a class."
    • "I'd never flirt with your boyfriend."
    • It's hard to pick just one.
    • "He's just a guy in my class."
    • And I would post this online WHY?
  • "Fill in the blank: _____ is sexy; _____ is sexier."
    Your Degrassi date said:

    • A musician is sexy. A musician who writes me love songs is sexier.
    • A bad boy is sexy. A bad boy who's secretly a softie is sexier.
    • New York is sexy; Milan is sexier.
    • Pretending we're dating is sexy. Pretending we're engaged is sexier.
    • Loving me is sexy; wanting me so bad you can taste it is sexier.
    • Flirting is sexy; honesty is sexier.
    • Smart is sexy; smart and cute is sexier.
    • A single guy is sexy; a taken guy is sexier.
  • "If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?"
    Your Degrassi date said:

    • The beach in Hawaii... with you.
    • On a boat off the coast of Australia (That's as far as it's possible to get from my parents. I've researched it.)
    • The BotWars nationals (if they were today)
    • Sharing a mushroom pizza by candlelight
    • Hollywood. Or home. I'm 50/50.
    • Fashion Week in Paris, s'il vous plait.
    • The medieval countryside, with flowers in my hair
    • On stage, holding a mic, as the drummer shouts "1,2,3,4..."
  • "In your bedroom one will find..."
    Your Degrassi date said:

    • Walls covered in stuff I love. The comfiest bed in the world. Me.
    • Flowy curtains, all my favorite books and movies, and the perfect bed for dreaming.
    • A bunch of stuff a decorator picked out. It's fine.
    • Lots of peaceful calming colors. It's sort of my refuge.
    • Clothes. Books. Underwear. It's a bedroom.
    • My guitar, my collection of concert tees, and... I'll leave the rest to your imagination.
    • My well-worn luggage, and boxes full of memories, including some old photos of me that would make you laugh out loud.
    • The cutest 4" heels on earth, my favorite stuffed animals, a window for the right person to climb through.
  • "25 years from now, you see yourself..."
    Your Degrassi date said:

    • As a lawyer, fighting for things I believe in.
    • Letting my kids wear anything they want and date whoever they want.
    • Making music. I don't want an office job.
    • Getting my doctorate, while balancing a career and a family.
    • As the owner of a boutique that opens by appointment only
    • As the founder and CEO of a successful business
    • Married with two super-cute kids and maybe a golden retriever.
    • On Dancing with the Stars (between movie roles)
  • "What's your most unusual or impressive skill?"
    Your Degrassi date said:

    • Crying on cue.
    • I intimidate even the toughest competition.
    • I can get anything by flirting. An "A", free fries... anything.
    • Beating you at arm wrestling. I'm goood.
    • Solving for y in terms of x.
    • I'm secretly royalty.
    • I can change clothes in an instant. No phone booth necessary.
    • I can order a decaf latte in six languages.
  • "Name three items you can't live without."
    Your Degrassi date said:

    • rock & roll, black eyeliner, passion
    • People who do what I say. My to-do list. My determination.
    • My phone, my computer, my freedom
    • Intelligence, focus, God
    • Imagination, friends who support me, your respect
    • my guitar, pretty bras, someone who smells amazing
    • my family, my sense of style, a first class ticket to life
    • love, lip gloss, admirers
  • "What was your most humbling moment?"
    Your Degrassi date said:

    • Getting tested. I'm germ-free! :P
    • Moving here. *sigh*
    • Realizing I have actual enemies.
    • Let's just say it involved video. And email. Lots of email.
    • Getting rejected by my bf's family. It was seriously painful.
    • Something I'd rather not type. Let's just say I'll never snoop in anyone's bedroom again.
    • I don't embarrass easily.
    • I've had a bunch. I like to think they've made me a stronger person.
  • "What celebrity do you most resemble?"
    Your Degrassi date said:

    • Samantha Munro
    • Charlotte Arnold
    • Paula Brancati
    • Melinda Shankar
    • Annie Clark
    • Cassie Steele
    • Jessica Tyler
    • Aislinn Paul