Quizzes | Which Degrassi Guy Should You Date?

Which Degrassi Guy Should You Date?

In today's enlightened world, we're no longer defined by our looks, our style, our actions, or our beliefs. We're defined by the profiles we fill out for our online personal ads! So, here are answers that eight Degrassi characters gave to 10 personality profile questions. Pick the answers you like the best, and this quiz will tell you who to date.

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  • "What word or phrase best describes your personality?"
    Your Degrassi date would say:

    • Reformed
    • Hazardous
    • Eloquent
    • Alive
    • Enigmatic
    • Tenacious
    • Self-sufficient
    • Gentleman
  • "What's the best or worst lie you've ever told?"
    Your Degrassi date would say:

    • "I would never date her."
    • "I really want you to meet my parents."
    • "I'm a virgin, too."
    • I'd rather not post it online.
    • "Sure, I'll keep an eye on her."
    • "I'm not seeing anyone."
    • "It's not recording."
    • I hate lies.
  • "Fill in the blank: _____ is sexy; _____ is sexier."
    Your Degrassi date would say:

    • Your legs are sexy; your eyes are sexier.
    • Chasing me is sexy; tempting me to chase you is sexier.
    • Sneaking around with you is sexy; I can't think of anything that's sexier.
    • Flirting with you is sexy; you flirting back is sexier.
    • Pretending we're engaged is sexy; actually getting engaged is sexier.
    • Believing in me is sexy; believing in yourself is sexier.
    • Slow dancing is sexy; holding eye contact is sexier.
    • Kisses are sexy; forbidden kisses are sexier.
  • "If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?"
    Your Degrassi date would say:

    • By a campfire with my guitar, singing you a song.
    • Alone. You can come over if you want, but don't touch my stuff.
    • This little place in Paris where I know the maitre d'.
    • At my place with you -- and nobody else around to bother us.
    • Somewhere that's just as classy and beautiful as you... if such a place even exists.
    • Showing you how good I am with my hands. What, I'm good at fixing stuff. What did you think I meant?
    • Playing pool with you. Winner gets a kiss.
    • At Woodward Skate Camp. Or M.I.T., whichever.
  • "In your bedroom one will find..."
    Your Degrassi date would say:

    • All sorts of stuff I'll deny owning if you ever mention it in public.
    • Posters of my favorite movie robots.
    • It's hard to describe... it'd be easier to show you in person.
    • My mom saying "Girls aren't allowed in here." Sorry.
    • A big amp I use as a night stand.
    • A collection of funny videos I made with my friends.
    • A few surprisingly decent suits. I clean up nice.
    • A mysterious creature that poops dirty socks. I think it lives under the bed.
  • "25 years from now, you see yourself..."
    Your Degrassi date would say:

    • Filling out a questionnaire that asks "Where were you 25 years ago?"
    • Living somewhere off the radar. With very few neighbors.
    • Owning a yacht.
    • Trying my best to be an open-minded dad.
    • With a high-paying job and a very close family.
    • Happy and relaxed, I hope.
    • With a girl who still looks hot.
    • Traveling to Mars. The future's gonna be so rad.
  • "What's your most unusual or impressive skill?"
    Your Degrassi date would say:

    • Telling my parents what they want to hear.
    • Oh, you'll just have to wait and see.
    • Getting what I want, without even asking
    • Admitting when I'm wrong. Eventually.
    • Giving people nicknames that stick.
    • A frontside boardslide
    • I try to do the right thing. (I get the impression it's rare these days.)
    • Hand me your car keys and I'll show you.
  • "Name three items you can't live without."
    Your Degrassi date would say:

    • Your respect, your trust, your hand (so I can kiss it)
    • My privacy, my hair, and a good book.
    • My family. Everything else is replaceable.
    • My place, my car, my cell phone
    • My guitar, my family, my girlfriend (you?)
    • My brain, my heart, my friends
    • Air, water, spray cheese
    • My car, my license, your hot self in the passenger seat
  • "What was your most humbling moment?"
    Your Degrassi date would say:

    • I've got too many to list.
    • Ask me after you've known me a lot longer.
    • Getting dumped by someone I still loved.
    • Starting over at a new school.
    • Thinking I was about to die.
    • Disappointing someone who believed in me.
    • Realizing my best friend and I have grown apart.
    • Confessing my innermost feeling to someone who didn't seem to care.
  • "What celebrity do you most resemble?"
    Your Degrassi date would say:

    • Raymond Ablack
    • Scott Paterson
    • Landon Liboiron
    • Sam Earle
    • Shane Kippel
    • Mike Lobel
    • Dalmar Abuzeid
    • Jamie Johnston