Quizzes | Which Easter Candy Are You?

Which Easter Candy Are You?

It's time to remove the foil from your personality, jump in a basket of plastic grass, and get to know your sweet new springtime self. Take the quiz!

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  • With all the rain, mud, and melting snow, springtime can be pretty messy. How messy are you?

    • I'm as messy as I want to be.
    • I'm usually neat, but I have my off-days
    • It's impossible to find anything in my room. I think I have a hamster in here somewhere...
    • I'm pretty tidy. Make my bed every morning, dust at least once a week, the usual.
  • If you were hiding Easter eggs around the house for a little kid to find, you'd probably:

    • Wear bunny ears as I hide them. Gotta look the part.
    • Make all of them easy to spot. It's a game, not a CSI investigation.
    • "Hide" them in silly places (like in a glass of water).
    • Wish I was still a kid! Finding them is more fun than hiding them.
  • If you and your friends go shopping for spring clothes together, you might:

    • Buy the cutest thing I find
    • Buy something more wintry and dark colored. Pastels aren't "me."
    • Get a T-shirt that makes me laugh
    • Help my friends pick out stuff they'll love
  • When you hear the word "rabbit," what's the first thing that pops into your head?

    • The cutest, most fluffy baby bunny ever. Aww.
    • Saying "Rabbit rabbit" on the first day of the month
    • The Easter Bunny
    • A creepy albino rabbit, they freak me out!
  • What's something you really love about spring?

    • All the rain = potential rainbows
    • The cool, clean smell of melting snow
    • There's love in the air!
    • More baby animal videos start appearing online
  • If you were decorating Easter eggs right now, you'd probably try:

    • Painting or drawing hearts and flowers on them.
    • Covering them in polka dots.
    • Letting them sit in the dye for a while. I like deep, dark colors.
    • Glitter! And maybe some tie-dye colors!
  • Choose a springy activity:

    • Having a picnic in a grassy field.
    • Dancing in the rain.
    • Road trip!
    • Making summer plans with friends
  • Pick a place you'd like to hang out this spring (other than in someone's Easter basket):

    • In a climbable tree
    • In a friend's room
    • On a fuzzy picnic blanket
    • Somewhere haunted (or otherwise mysterious)