Quizzes | Which Justin Bieber Song Are You?

Which Justin Bieber Song Are You?

Are you cute, popular, and irresistibly fun? Of course -- because you're a Justin Bieber song. Take the quiz to find out which one.

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  • If you wanted to impress someone, you might do this:

    • Promise to stick around
    • Be totally honest about my feelings
    • Climb a mountain
    • Write a song (or dedicate a Justin Bieber song on the radio)
  • Choose a skill you possess, other than appreciating Justin Bieber:

    • Standing up for the people I care about
    • Keeping my priorities straight
    • Forgiving people
    • Picking out meaningful gifts
  • What's something you'd like to hear right now (besides Justin Bieber's music)?

    • The words "Wanna hang out?"
    • My crush asking to borrow something of mine
    • My crush's heartbeat
    • An explanation
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    • How Long Will It Last?
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  • You'd want to shout as loud as a crowd of Justin Bieber fans if:

    • Someone special (really special) hugged me
    • Someone I like called or texted right now
    • My crush held my hand
    • My ex suggested that we get back together
  • This question's not about Justin Bieber: How are things going with your friends?

    • They're trying to cheer me up.
    • They're giving me lots of relationship advice.
    • They don't understand why I'm single.
    • They're sick of listening to me talk about my crush.
  • What would make you almost as sad as the thought of Justin Bieber never singing again?

    • Feeling like nobody appreciates me
    • Not having the nerve to say what I want to say
    • Watching a couple break up
    • Watching someone forget their lines during a big performance