Quizzes | Which KCA Nominee Are You?

Which KCA Nominee Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which nominee you're the most like.

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  • The best thing about winning a Kids' Choice Award would be:

    • Dancing with my blimp after I get it home.
    • Showing the blimp to my friends afterwards.
    • Picking out something amazing to wear to the ceremony.
    • That I can be myself on stage.
    • It's the perfect time for a slime fight!
    • It's a great reason to party.
  • Choose a statement that describes you:

    • I have the best friends in the world.
    • I'm not into following trends.
    • My mom sometimes picks out my clothes.
    • I want to make my parents proud.
    • I could kick your butt -- but I won't.
    • I'm MUCH sillier than I seem when you first meet me.
  • Pick a random thing you love:

    • People with bizarre talents
    • Making a great first impression
    • Learning to play musical instruments
    • The place where I work
    • Cowboy boots
    • Karate
  • Choose something you'd like ALMOST as much as winning a blimp:

    • Visiting Hollywood
    • An ice cream sundae
    • Making an action movie
    • Feeling like I'm making the world a better place
    • Spending time alone (no cameras) with the people I love
    • Filling a swimming pool with pudding
  • Choose someone to slime:

    • Anybody who cheats
    • Anybody who's mean to my best friend
    • Anybody who tells me I'm not good enough
    • A cranky doorman
    • A vampire
    • Me! (I can handle it.)
  • You deserve a KCA for your impressive ability to:

    • Recognize a song as soon as it comes on the radio
    • Move to the beat of any song
    • Get along with my family
    • Do a back flip
    • Find the funniest things online
    • Stay cheerful, no matter what
  • If you were nervous about giving an acceptance speech, you'd...

    • Bring a family member on stage with me.
    • Bring a friend on stage with me.
    • Practice like crazy, so I'm 100% prepared.
    • Get extremely overexcited (and sweaty).
    • Take my time and do the best I can.
    • Do some warm-ups backstage and shake it off.