Quizzes | Which Lip Balm Flavor Are You?

Which Lip Balm Flavor Are You?

Come a little closer, so this quiz can lick you and check what kind of lip balm you are. Don't wanna get licked by a quiz? Oh, fine. Just answer the questions below.

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  • What bothers you even more than chapped lips?

    • "No Hugging" rules
    • Chaperones
    • Cranky people
    • Impulsive people
    • Being stuck inside while my friends are out having fun
    • The word "Meh"
  • Pick something that makes you feel good (other than applying lip balm):

    • Making someone blush
    • Waking up slowly, after I've had just enough sleep
    • Getting my turn on a roller coaster
    • Doing yoga (or just stretching) on a grassy lawn
    • Relaxing on sun-warmed sand
    • Stargazing on a clear summer night
  • Your lips are quite talented at:

    • Whistling in that "Daaaaamn, you're hot!" way.
    • Puckering up.
    • Making weird noises like "pllhhbbbbtt."
    • Staying closed when I don't have anything nice to say.
    • Smiling (they get a little help from my teeth).
    • Lip-syncing every word of songs nobody else recognizes.
  • Pick something lickable other than your lips:

    • Someone else's lips
    • An envelope (for sending a real letter)
    • Cake batter
    • Honey
    • Soft ice cream
    • The top of my pen
  • Lip balm is just one of the many wonderful things in the world that are clear, sheer, or see-through. Pick another:

    • Lacy underwear
    • Ice cubes
    • Neon sunglasses
    • The clear, sparkling water in a mountain stream
    • The turquoise water around a tropical island
    • Air
  • If lip balm gets too hot it'll melt. How well do you handle the heat?

    • I like hot things -- and hot people.
    • I'm OK with it, but I'm a fan of fans.
    • Just fine, thanks to pools, sprinklers, and waterslides.
    • Whatever, it doesn't bother me.
    • Bring on the sunshine. The hotter, the better.
    • Like any self-respecting lip balm, I prefer air conditioning.
  • Lip balm is seriously awesome, but you can't be serious all the time. What makes you laugh?

    • Cheesy pick-up lines
    • Smart jokes (the kind that take a minute to get)
    • Bouncy castles. I wish I lived in one.
    • Remembering something funny that happened to me in the past
    • Clouds in R-rated shapes
    • It's hard to explain -- I laugh at the randomest stuff.