Quizzes | Which Little Sister Are You?

Which Little Sister Are You?

We can't all be little sisters in real life, but we can all be little sisters in a personality quiz. Take this one to see what kind of little sister you are.

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  • All you want to do is watch TeenNick, but your older brother won't let you hold the remote. What's your strategy?

    • Say, "MOM! He punched me!" and fake cry. If he gets in trouble, the TV's all mine.
    • Say "Pwease?" and give him my poutiest pout.
    • Keep refilling his water glass. When he heads for the bathroom, I'll grab the remote.
  • While looking through a box of photos, you find a really embarrassing one of your older sister. She'd die if she knew it existed. You'll probably:

    • Learn from it. I'll never EVER make that face if there's a camera around.
    • Take it to a copy shop and get it put on a bunch of holiday cards. Haha.
    • Hide it in a safe spot. It might come in handy sometime.
  • When people treat you like you're still a little kid, you feel:

    • Like "accidentally" spilling my juice all over them.
    • Like ordering the kids' meal, just to see if it'll work.
    • Like making up a song about how old I am, just so they won't forget again.
  • If your parents set a strict midnight curfew, and you see your older bro sneaking in at 2 a.m., you'll probably:

    • Whisper, "Sssh. You don't want to wake them, dude."
    • Say, "I won't tell them you were out this late, if you don't tell them I was up this late."
    • Make a note of it in my journal. I may have to use it against him someday.
  • Choose a situation in which you'd be tempted to lie to your parents:

    • If the truth might stress them out.
    • If there's a miniature pony festival in town. "My teacher says we all have to go."
    • Lies are useful in all sorts of situations -- and I can be very convincing.
  • Pick something you'd be tempted to borrow from your older sister without permission:

    • Her cell phone, so I can text crazy stuff to her friends
    • Her new strawberry lip balm
    • Her wallet or car keys. "Want 'em back? Let's make a deal."
  • Little sisters get called "annoying" a lot, but older siblings are annoying too -- especially when they:

    • Get all bossy.
    • Tease me about something I can't help.
    • Get straight A's or win awards all the time.
  • Your older sister is headed out with friends, and you're not invited. If you want to tag along, you'll:

    • Joke around with her friends when they come by to pick her up.
    • Hug all of her friends and say, "I wish I were invited," in my sweetest voice.
    • Blackmail her into inviting me. I know stories she'd never want them to hear.