Quizzes | Which Malcolm in the Middle Brother Are You?

Which Malcolm in the Middle Brother Are You?

If you were one of the guys on Malcolm in the Middle, you'd be... Oh, wait -- the answer will be more accurate if you answer a few questions about yourself first. Take the quiz.

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  • If a camera crew followed your family around, you'd:

    • Do my best to be "the cute one."
    • Feel embarrassed about all the stuff they'll see.
    • Play pranks on them every chance I get.
    • Make them swear not to use those tapes as evidence against me.
  • If you could change one thing about your family, you'd make them a bit more:

    • Normal
    • Fun
    • Forgiving
    • Interested in my life
  • If you're talking to yourself in your head, you might say:

    • "I wanna go for a ride inside a friendly monster."
    • "Oh, this is bad..." just before something goes terribly wrong.
    • "They'll never find out. Never."
    • "Shut up!" I try to shut those voices out.
  • If you did something that made Lois angry, and she started screaming at you, you'd probably:

    • Yell back.
    • Act innocent (and cry if necessary).
    • Try to explain. Maybe she'll understand once she hears the facts.
    • Try to calm her down. Whatever the problem is, she's overreacting.
  • Hal wants to spend some time with you. Choose an activity:

    • Playing pool
    • Playing street hockey
    • Building a fighting robot
    • Setting up hundreds of dominoes and knocking them all down
  • What's the best thing about having brothers? If you don't have any, just guess.

    • When they're not around. (That's when I get more attention.)
    • They sometimes have tips for dealing with our parents.
    • If one of us is in trouble, the others might team up to help him.
    • When I get busted, there's always somebody else to blame.
  • If your parents really want to punish you, they'll take away:

    • My phone
    • My computer
    • My video games
    • My favorite stuffed animal
  • Someday, you'd like to:

    • Wrestle an alligator
    • Conduct an orchestra
    • Go to an Ivy League school
    • Own a horse