Quizzes | Which Mer-Creature Are You?

Which Mer-Creature Are You?

Ever dream of diving beneath the waves, and still being able to breathe? Find out which fantasy sea creature you'd be, if you had fins. Take this quiz!

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  • If someone threw you in a pool right this minute, you'd probably:

    • Be surprised, but not that surprised. My friends are weird.
    • Do whatever it takes to stay afloat (even if I look silly).
    • Be really freakin' unhappy.
    • Climb out, dry off... and deal with that person later.
    • Pull them in with me!
  • What do you think you'd like best about living underwater?

    • I'd have a whole new world to explore.
    • I bet it's pretty quiet and calm down there.
    • If the other sea creatures aren't nice to me, I could just eat them.
    • It'd be so much easier to do somersaults and flips.
    • Maybe I'd feel more coordinated under the sea!
  • You'd like your underwater home to have:

    • Secret passageways that only I know about.
    • My own room. That is crucial.
    • A ballroom. (Basically, I want a castle.)
    • The comfiest bed in the world. I looove sleeping.
    • A big living room, so friends hang out at my place.
  • When you go to the beach, you're usually the one:

    • Who wades in a little bit, but doesn't go under.
    • Who stays dry (and looks cuter than anyone else).
    • Who swims a little, if the waves aren't too big.
    • Daring other people to brave the waves.
    • Who doesn't want to get out of the water -- even when I turn purple.
  • Pick one kind of water from this list:

    • Rainwater
    • Tap water
    • Fruit-flavored water
    • Warm water
    • Cold water
  • If you wake up tomorrow with a fin instead of legs, you'll probably:

    • Be OK with it -- if my fin is as hot as the rest of me.
    • Get in the bathtub right away and test it out!
    • Call everyone I know. This is huge news.
    • Go back under the covers and hope it's all a dream.
    • Flop around, confused about how to get out of bed.
  • If your mer-self encountered a big scary sea creature, you'd probably:

    • Try to turn invisible.
    • Kick up a cloud of sand, so it can't see me.
    • Be glad I don't look like that (I'm so lucky to be cute!)
    • Scare it away. I'm sure I'm tougher.
    • See if it wants to play-wrestle!
  • If (as a mer-creature) you fell in love with a human, what would you do to make a good impression on them?

    • Play with their hair. Flirty physical contact = win.
    • Open up to them. I might share something personal about my past.
    • Plan a wild adventure for the two of us.
    • Stay out all night. I'd rather have fun than sleep.
    • Try to bond with them as a friend first. The love thing will happen on its own.