Quizzes | Which Movie Couple Are You?

Which Movie Couple Are You?

Want to watch a movie about your relationship? You could write a script and hire a film crew... or you could take this quiz. It'll match you up with the on-screen romance that has the most in common with your off-screen love.

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  • What happened in the opening scenes of your relationship?

    • We made out.
    • We flirted our butts off.
    • We might have been eating paste? We were in like, kindergarten.
    • When we first met, we barely talked.
    • I thought he/she was making fun of me.
  • How do your friends and family (you know, the supporting characters) feel about the relationship?

    • They just want us to be happy.
    • They're not psyched, but they accept it.
    • Some are surprised but supportive; some are horrified.
    • They don't seem to understand the intensity of our feelings.
    • They're confused, mostly.
  • Choose a make-out location:

    • Some place rainy
    • Somewhere shady (in a trees way, not a sketchy way)
    • Somewhere classy, like prom
    • Someplace with a good sound system
    • A big, comfy chair
  • Which little distraction interrupts your special moments?

    • We don't let anything interrupt us.
    • Texts from friends
    • Our parents, checking up on us
    • The fear of losing control
    • Jealous idiots
  • Which feeling sounds familiar?

    • Fighting the urge to answer a compliment with sarcasm.
    • Wanting to stay out all night, because we're having so much fun.
    • Trying to get over him/her and move on... unsuccessfully.
    • Wanting to surprise him/her with a random, funny treat.
    • Getting SO lost in his/her eyes. (I finally understand that expression.)
  • What's one thing that makes it hard for you to be together?

    • An overprotective parent
    • Our exes
    • Dealing with random Real Life crap
    • We both really like to be right.
    • ONE? I could list fifty.
  • What's something you two might do on a date?

    • See a movie with another couple
    • Write a song together
    • Hike or rock climb
    • Play paint ball or laser-tag
    • We'd like to do all of these -- all in one day.