Quizzes | Which Movie Snack Are You?

Which Movie Snack Are You?

This quiz is like a movie concession stand, servin' up nothing but you. Take it now to find out which snack you are -- quick, while there's no line.

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  • Choose someone you'd like to see a movie with this weekend:

    • A friend I secretly want.
    • A friend I've known forever.
    • A super-smart friend.
    • A friend who wants to make movies someday (or maybe already does).
    • I'd go with any of these people.
    • Can't we all go together?
  • During the previews, you're probably:

    • Watching the previews. (That was an easy one.)
    • Talking to the screen, like "That looks so good!"
    • Deciding which movies look like they're worth seeing on opening night.
    • Closing my eyes (if the preview shows anything freaky).
    • Feeling a mix of excitement and disappointment that a book I like is becoming a movie.
    • Saying stuff like, "Did you see that cereal box? Product placement is so lame."
  • Complete this sentence: Moviegoers should never, ever _______.

    • Go to the movies alone. That's so lonely!
    • Reveal spoilers. It's just wrong.
    • Take a toddler to an R-rated movie. That poor kid will be screwed up for life.
    • Leave their phones on. It's so annoying.
    • Sit directly in front of me, if they're tall.
    • Say never. (Even if I hate horror movies now, I might start to like them someday.)
  • Which scene would make you squirm uncomfortably in your seat?

    • A gratuitous sex scene. Keep your clothes on, people!
    • A scene with pointless violence. I did not need to see that dude's head explode.
    • A scene with an obvious goof -- like when someone's haircut changes in every other shot.
    • A drawn-out, boring conversation. If I wanted boredom, I'd stay home.
    • The moment the main character realizes that his/her closest friends are all evil robots.
    • None of these would bother me all that much.
  • Other than snacks, what do you consider a movie-going essential?

    • Huge comfy seats.
    • Being next to my friends. We have to find seats together.
    • Someone who doesn't mind if I clutch his/her arm during the scary parts.
    • Internet access afterwards, so I can read about the movie after I see it.
    • Internet access beforehand, so I can read about the movie before I see it.
    • I can't think of any -- just put on a movie and I'm good.
  • The movie's over. Do you stay in your seat, just in case there's a scene after the credits?

    • If my friends want to stay, I'm up for it.
    • Depends. If it's opening night, I am definitely sticking around to be sure I don't miss anything.
    • I could stay or go. Either way is fine.
    • Maybe... unless I really have to pee.
    • Who says I'm sticking around for a scene? Maybe I just want to read the credits!
    • I already know if there's a scene worth sitting around for. (I like to know that stuff ahead of time.)
  • Choose a post-movie activity:

    • Going home, hanging out on the couch, checking if anything good's on TV.
    • Heading to a diner, getting the big booth in the corner, and sharing more food.
    • Going to a party. If I liked the movie, I'll be wide awake and full of energy.
    • Posting a critical movie review online, while everything's still fresh in my mind.
    • Hanging out on a playground at night. Swings + moonlight = perfection.
    • Hanging out at a coffee place and contemplating the movie's deeper meaning.